CSCPay Mobile App Not Working: Fix Machine, Bluetooth, Internet, Crashing

Here we are going to discuss common workarounds to Fix CSCPay Mobile App not working Error. You can follow this guide to solve issues like not connecting to the internet, app crashing, Bluetooth not working, machine not found, How to contact CSCPay Customer service, and even how to delete your account when you no longer require its services.

Key Highlights

  • CSCPay offers you a one-stop solution for a Cashless laundry system. With this app, you can not only pay but also manage the washer right from your mobile phone.
  • For some users this app not functioning properly. Issues such as the app not connecting to the internet, crashing, and mobile machines have not been reported by customers recently.
  • Some of these issues can be easily fixed by following a few simple troubleshooting steps, you will explore these in this article.
  • If the issue still persists you can contact the CSCPay customer support by either support email or customer care number.

CSCPay Mobile App not Working: iOS iPhone & Android

CSCPay app not working

CSCPay Mobile App is one of the smartest and easy solutions that brings laundry solutions to your Smartphone.

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Using this Android/iOS Application you can pay for laundry cycles directly from your mobile phone.

While using the app you can establish a Bluetooth connection from your phone to a washer or dryer in order to pay for laundry cycles.

Furthermore, it allows you to purchase credit online which also can be used to pay for your laundry.

Users can see their transaction history anytime by navigating to the purchase history in the app.

CSCPay Mobile App not Connecting to the Internet?

Using CSCPay you can pay with a Bluetooth connection.

But of course, if you are using this app for the first time, you need to add a credit card that you would use to fund your account.

And to add a Credit card or any other payment method for that matter you need an internet connection.

Once you successfully save payment information you can pay by establishing a Bluetooth connection to the machine.

If this app is indicating that there is a problem with your internet connection, perhaps there is.

First, check your internet connection, and in case you are sure that there is no problem with the internet you can try it again after restarting your phone.

If that doesn’t work try clearing app cache and data and start again.

However, in case you continuously face connection errors, you can contact customer support.

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How to fix the CSCPay Mobile app Crashing?

App crashes are common and if your CSCPay App crashes, it could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Compatibility Issue: Your phone, OS, or App itself might be not compatible.
  • Storage Issues: Phone memory might be running out or there are too many tasks running on your phone.
  • Server-related error: Sometime problem may be in the app server.
  • Android Webview: Sometimes Android web view applications cause some apps to crash. If you are having this issue with multiple applications, this might be the reason.
  • The bug is CSCPay: There might be a bug in the latest version. You can roll back to the previous version and see if that fixes the problem for you.

CSCPay mobile Bluetooth not working?

CSCPay requires a Bluetooth connection in order to connect with laundry room machines.

But sometimes CSCPay Bluetooth may not work.

This kind of error most likely appears due to permission errors.

When you install the CSCPay app for the first time it will ask you to provide permission.

Tap to allow all permission.

You can also grant specific permission by tapping & holding the app logo and choosing permissions.

CSCPay Mobile Machine not found

If the Bluetooth is turned on on both your mobile phone and the Laundry room machine you can connect easily.

To do this first turn on your Bluetooth connection, open the app, and be done.

You are now ready to make payment.

However, for some reason the Machine is not found you can also proceed manually.

Here is how to do this:

  1. First Open CSCPay App.
  2. Tap on the app menu and then tap on the My Account option.
  3. Now search for the laundry room by entering Zip Code.
  4. Choose the laundry room.
  5. Now you can pay using the saved payment method.

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How to Delete CSCPay Mobile Account

For any reason, if you wish to no longer continue with CSCPay; You have the option to delete your account.

You can uninstall the app normally just like any other Android or iOS app if you merely want to remove the app.

Another thing you may want to do instead of completely deleting your account removes your Credit Card or any other payment method.

But in case you wish to Cancel your CSCPay account along with all your data it is better to contact customer support.

Just send a mail to: explaining the reason why you want to remove your account.

How to Contact CSCPay Customer Service

If you Have any questions or complaints related to CSCPay App or the service offered by this app you can contact them.

You can contact customer support by Tapping on Help in the app itself.

You can also reach Customer Care by phone at 855-662-4685.

Customers also have the option to contact the customer service team by email at


How can I contact CSCPay Mobile Customer Care?

You can contact CSCPay Customer Care by phone at 855-662-4685. There is also an option in the app for support.

Why is CSCPay mobile App not working today?

There may be any reason that this app may not be working for you today. You can check the error code and troubleshoot errors accordingly.

How to Delete CSCPay Account?

If you wish to delete your CSCPay account permanently and completely you can write a mail to CSCPay Customer Care and ask them to remove your account.

Hopefully by following respective troubleshooting for each of these mentioned “CSCPay not working” issues you’ll be able to solve the problems on your own.

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