Funko App not working? – Collection, Price update & List Issues

Is the Funko app not working for you? is it not showing your collection, updating prices after the Last update, or throwing some random error codes while you try to access your lists?

In this article of CnbDaily, I Sarvin Batra aim to provide you information on What is going on with this app, why its suddenly not working, and what troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix issues such as – unable to see your collection, prices are not updating, your lists are not working and few other issues.

What is going on with Funko?

Fix Funko App not working Issue

For fans of pop culture, apps like Funko are really something special. This holds Especially for those who are interested in building their own collection of these kinds of products.

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You can use this app to build your own collection and create an online wishlist of which items you want to acquire later on in your collection. 

Both the Website and its mobile apps work like value tracker and manager for tracking collection.

If you are an avid collector of these cute toys, this app helps you not only keep an eye out for other collectibles which you can add to your collection but also keep track of the value of all the collectibles you already have.

Funko is a company that is the business making and selling Funko pops and a few other products.

These are figurines of popular characters from movie franchises such as star wars, harry potter, and many more.

These products feature large-head and started in the year 2011 and become popular in a very short amount of time.

Even though the company was started in 1998, at that time they were selling only bobbleheads, in the year 2011, they start selling products featuring large-head and this become popular in a very short amount of time.

But the last few years aren’t very kind to them, especially after Covid-19.

In the last few years, the company had faced several backlashes, get into many controversies and its stock prices plummeted head first.

Furthermore, their net income has also decreased significantly compared to previous years.

All those feature sound amazing for those who really need them but the problem is that recently Funko app stopped working and anyone who is using this app encounters various different bugs, glitches and issues and issues.

Here we are going to see various different issues related to this app and what troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix these problems.

Why is the Funko app not working?

Before finding out the exact reason why Funko not working on your phone we must first understand what is actually going on with Funko as a company right now.

From quite some time their users are constantly complaining about poor performance and inability to access certain features due to various different bugs, and glitches.

This is the main reason behind the low rating of this app on both the Google Play store and the iOS app store.

If you have visited either of these official download pages for Android and iOS you might have noticed all the new reviewers are living poor ratings and the explanation behind them is simple; this app isn’t working properly.

The main reason behind it is simple – the last few updates.

In the last few updates, they have changed the users interface too much, giving no time for the user to adapt to these changes.

This is one of the reasons why Funko not working but there are lots of other bugs, glitches, and issues which are affecting users.

Here in this post, we are going to review these issues and How can you fix this Funko app not working errors.

The Funko app not showing “My Collection”

For collectors who love to collect figurines, “My Collection” is one of the if not most important parts of this app.

But what if they are unable to access their collection?

Well, that’s exactly happening for lots of Funko collectors who are unable to view what is in their collection.

Here are a few of the known issues –

  • Unable to view figurines and products in the collection.
  • Unable to access the collection on Funko mobile app.
  • The collection isn’t updating.
  • Instead of showing the user their collection, it is displaying – “Look! A shiny, new collection!”.

This issue isn’t isolated to some unfortunate users only, lately, more and more users are having this issue.

Unlike a few other errors, you can’t fix the problem by yourself. 

You can certainly try to force close the app and restart or reinstall but that might not work since this issue is directly linked to the last update.

You can contact app support via email at –

Other than that you can try a few other alternatives for this app, for example, there is an app named “The Pop Directory” available for Android phones.

Funko isn’t refreshing or Updating prices

The issue of updating prices did exist very long before the update (which made lots of users really hate this app).

The “Funko app not updating” issue is when you will see the same price without any update and stay the same.

This error may be difficult to notice for those who don’t check their collection daily to notice, but those who do may struggle to figure out the exact reason for the issue.

Fortunately, there are a few troubleshooting steps that you can try in this case –

  1. Close the app, and head back to the home page. Tap and hold the “Funko” icon and choose the “App info” option.
  2. Now on the top, you’ll notice “Force close”. Force close the app. 
  3. Navigate to the storage section.
  4. Clear app cache and app data.
  5. Open the app again and you’ll have to login into this app.
  6. Login and check the Prices. See if any changes happen.

If after following all these steps it is not updating the prices, you have to contact app support.

Why My Funko Lists are not Working (and How to fix it)

Sure issue with price updates are happening for a long time, but there is another error which does also affect Funko customer (Albeit not more frequently) is – that they can’t see their list on the app.

Users can’t view, edit or add any new item to their list when this kind of issue does surface.

Here is one of the error codes that one Reddit user, posted –

Funko Lists are not working

As you can see in this error message – 

“We are having an issue retrieving your data, please refresh to see if that resolves your issues. Otherwise please contact us to describe the issue you are having”.

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Fortunately, this only happens when there is some issue in their server, so this kind of issue is short-lived.

When you are unable to see your lists, here is what you can try –

  1. Refresh the app by closing it and all its instances and opening it again.
  2. When it does not work you can force close it by holding the app icon > app info > force close. See if that makes it any different.
  3. Wait for some time, if you suspect this is a temporary server-related issue.

Further FAQs

What’s Going on with Funko right now?

There is a lot going on with Funko right now, from various controversies to surplus inventory. Drop in stock prices and earnings also did happen at the same time. As for the mobile app, users are having lots of issues to make it work.

Why Exactly the Funko mobile app isn’t working properly?

The latest changes in UI after the last updates are one of the reasons. However, there are a few other reasons as well that are affecting app users.

What troubleshooting steps i can follow to fix Funko app?

You can follow basic troubleshooting steps such as – Clearing the app cache and data and reinstalling the app. However if the issue is in the app itself it can be fixed only by app developers.

Why has The layout of this app been changed?

This decision to change the layout of the app was made by the developers. However, there have been numerous issues that have surfaced after the latest updates. These issues could be linked to the changes or may have no correlation at all.

Is there any way I can roll back to the previous version of Funko?

Considering Funko needed an active connection to the server, it’s really hard for users to roll back to its previous version. Sure, you can download previous versions from third-party websites but they will not work at all for you.


So put it all in short –

Funko app not working issues aren’t exactly new. App users are facing errors such as being unable to access the list, my collection, and price not updating for a very long time.

There are a few troubleshooting steps such as refreshing the app and reinstalling that you can try. But not every issue can be fixed by end-usera.

For errors such as these, users have to get in touch with customer support for further support.

Sarvin Batra is the Main Author, Editor at CnbDaily. He is an Expert in Tech especially Related to mobile phones, Android applications and Their uses. You can Connect with him on His Twitter Profile @SarvinBatra

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