eSewa App not working? – Reason, Support & Fix Commons issues

eSewa is a popular and convenient digital wallet app that allows you to transfer funds from one account to another conveniently. But for the last few days eSewa app not working properly for large numbers of users and issues such as not loading, not opening, access denied, and other issues while trying to access the app from their mobile phones.

This post is short of a guide on recent issues, glitches, and bugs faced by users and we are going to guide you on How can you fix these issues by yourself.

Why eSewa app not working for me?

eSewa mobile wallet application which offers simplicity to initiate financial transactions directly from your mobile phone for Nepali citizens.

When a transaction doesn’t work, or you are unable to use a particular feature this will happen due to Bugs, Glitches, and Technical issues in this app.

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Amongst all of its 54.2k reviews on the Google Play store, this app mostly receives negative ratings.

At the time of publishing this post, this app has 3 star rating on the Android app store and 3.2 stars on the iOS app store.

Many users also point out in their reviews the difficulty in generating MPIN, the inability to login, and various bugs in the app.

This indicates the majority of issues are from the developer’s site and happens due to bugs and glitches on this mobile application.

Other possible reasons include eSewa Server being down, or another Server related glitch which usually happens when a large number of transactions happen at any particular time.

How to Fix eSewa not working? – Solve some common issues

Fix eSewa App not working

Fixing eSewa not working issue depends on the exact error you are getting while accessing this app.

Here are a few of the commons issue related to this app and what troubleshooting you can do to solve these problems – 

eSewa Transaction pending or failed issue

Here are a few troubleshooting steps, which you can take when your online transactions failed, are in pending status, or having any other error – 

  1. First, make sure that issue is not with the bank from where you are loading funds or you are transferring money.
  2. Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account or wallet.
  3. Confirm that card, OTP, and other information are correct.
  4. If payment is not detected and the transaction is failed you can always try again.
  5. If Payment is detected but the transaction is failed you should contact customer support to register a complaint.

The eSewa keeps redirecting to the Login page

A few users have reported a strange error recently where this app keeps asking to log in even though users have just logged in to their account a few minutes ago.

So far there is no official solution has been introduced for this error.

The only thing you can do when it keeps redirecting to the login page is to log in each time it asks you to log in.

Getting the error “Cannot connect now, please try again later”

Usually, this issue appeared briefly while you trying to access certain functions on this app.

When you see this error code, you don’t have to worry since you can easily troubleshoot it by force closing and opening the app again.

If the error still doesn’t go away check your internet connection and ensure proper speed.

But when there is no issue with your network but you are still seeing this error, this is an indication of a server-related issue.

In case of the server is down, You have to wait til any technical issues are fixed.

Lagging, Crashing, or Loading too slow

Lagging, Slow loading are common issues with the payment-related app, what is not common is crashing.

When the issue is not due to some external cause like – Server down or a Bug in the app, following this troubleshooting guide will help you optimize the app –

  1. Check the internet connection and ensure you are getting proper speed.
  2. Close all the applications. Tap the “Recents” button and close all apps.
  3. Now open “eSewa” again and check if start working properly.
  4. If that doesn’t work, tap and hold on the app icon > app info > storage and clear app cache and data.
  5. Reboot your phone and log in to your wallet again.

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eSewa Helpline number to contact Support

There are the eSewa app not working issues that you can solve by yourself and there are issues that require assistance from customer support.

For example, if there is an issue related to payment, it is better to contact customer care and ask for more information.

Fortunately, there are multiple modes of communication to communicate with eSewa support.

Here is customer support information for this app – 

  • Toll-Free number – 1660-01-02121
  • Support email:
  • Viber No: +977-1234512345 (For general inquiry and technical assistance)

Further FAQs

What is the eSewa helpline number to contact support?

You can contact support via email: or contact the official toll-free helpline number at – 1660-01-02121.

Why is my Transaction in pending status?

Sometimes, it might take a little bit longer for a particular transaction. Until it is completed that transaction is usually shown in pending status. When it does happen you can either wait or contact customer care.

How can reset MPIN online in case I forgot?

You can reset MPIN directly by heading over to the login page. Make sure to enter the correct information while you try to reset your MPIN.

Can I use this app without a Bank account?

It’s basically a mobile wallet which does allow you to perform a financial transaction without a bank account. So, yes you can use it without a bank account, but some of the functions of this app will be limited in the absence of a bank account.

Why eSewa is not working for me?

Other than issues in the app, server issues, and network-related problems app also does not work due to Incorrect card details, faulty one-time passwords (OTP), or insufficient funds in an account.


So in Conclusion, we have learned that The eSewa app is a popular way to make payments and manage your finances online, but it hasn’t been functioning properly for some users.

It is riddled with various issues, glitches, and bugs such as – the unable to log in, the app keeps redirecting to the login page, Cannot connect now, please try again later, Lagging, Crashing, or Loading too slowly during use, and a few other issues.

This troubleshooting guide will help you fix each of these issues as well as support contact information in case you require further assistance when eSewa is not working for you.

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