Wells Fargo App not working? – Fix App, Login, Online Website

Is Wells Fargo App not working today on your Android, iPhone online website, or log in? If you want to know why this app is not working and you are facing any issues ranging from fingerprint, notifications, Zelle Quickpay, online access currently unavailable, account temporarily unavailable then you are right place. Because here in this guide, I am going to guide you on how to fix any of those issues.

Wells Fargo App not working 2024

Wells Fargo App not working today

Wells Fargo App is the official internet banking application available to download free on your Android and iOS mobile phones.

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It provides retail banking services to Wells Fargo customers.

Using it you can manage your finance at your fingertips.

It allows you to make a deposit online, Add a card to your digital wallet, transfer funds to others, pay bills all within this net banking application.

Here we are going to talk about what to do if the Wells Fargo app is not working today on your phone.

Why isn’t My wells Fargo working today?

Wells Fargo is an online banking application that is connected to the main banking server to your mobile phone.

Depending on the error that you are facing, the issue can be anything from server to connect to a bug in the app or just a momentary issue.

Here are some of the most known issues-

  • Can’t access online banking.
  • Online access is currently unavailable.
  • Biometric/Fingerprint not working on your phone.
  • The deposit checks not working, can’t deposit money.
  • Push notification not working.
  • This app not working with the cash app.
  • Unable to load certain pages.
  • The app is not launching, it is crashing while trying to open.
  • Chase Quickpay Zelle is not working.
  • Can’t transfer money, Unable to add a card, Can’t log in, and other issues.

How to Fix Wells Fargo app not working today

You can fix Wells Fargo not working sometimes, depending on the nature of the problem.

Especially if the problem is related to your phone alone.

Wells Fargo app not working on Android

You can try clearing out the cache and data to reset the app.

It will clear out any corrupted old data on your phone and you can begin from start on this app.

Here is the process-

  1. Long Tap on the App icon till you see setting options.
  2. Click on the app info from the small popup menu.
  3. Tap on the storage usage.
  4. Under the storage usage, first, tap on clear data and then clear cache.
  5. Exit from setting and reboot your Android phone.

Now you can log in again to the app using your online banking account and see if it starts working.

Wells Fargo app not working on iPhone

The process is also the same for the Apple iOS iPhone and iPad.

From the setting option tap on the app list and clear the cache once you find this app.

Wells Fargo app Zelle not working

Zelle Quickpay is an online payment transfer service, available for most U.S.-based banks.

You can also use it with Wells Fargo App to transfer funds.

Of course, to use Zelle, you first need to set up your online banking account with it.

Once you set up the Zelle account, you are ready to transfer and receive money online.

If you are unsure of How to set up Zelle you can read the post How to use Zelle or watch this YouTube video-

Wells Fargo app fingerprint not working

You can set up a Biometric lock to this app if you want to set up an extra layer of security to access this app.

However, Sometimes the fingerprint stopped working for some users.

You can fix it by long tapping on its app icon and clearing out the cache and app data.

Once the app data is cleared log in again to your account and check if the fingerprint is working.

Sometimes especially for the iOS device Biometric authentication stopped working on some apps.

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If that is the issue with you, you simply have to enable it again.

Wells Fargo app deposit not working

Customers can deposit money online using cheques.

To do so they need to scan the cheque which they wish to deposit using the phone camera after choosing the right option in the app.

The customers can deposit any checks which are payable in US dollars and drawn at a U.S.-Based bank.

All kinds, whether they are personal, business, or some government checks are accepted.

The eligible checks must be payable to the account holders.

Also before scanning the checks to deposit money you must make the check endorsed.

If the mobile app deposit is not working for you, here is what you can do-

  1. Make sure that the check must be issued to the registered user.
  2. The check that you are going to scan should be endorsed. You can make it endorsed by writing “For Mobile Deposit at Wells Fargo Bank Only” below your signature.
  3. Some checks come with a check box that says “Check here if mobile deposit”. In that case, all you need is to tick the check box instead of writing.
  4. While scanning the check, place it on a dark-colored plain surface with enough lighting.
  5. The position of the camera must be directly over to the check.
  6. All 4 corners should fit in your mobile device’s camera screen.

Wells Fargo app push notifications not working

The problem may be related to the server or your device.

If the problem is server-related, there is nothing, you can do except raise the issue with customer support.

However, if the problem is only on your device, here is what you can do to fix the push notification not working error-

  1. Open the Setting option on your phone.
  2. Scroll down till you see an option labeled Apps or App Management.
  3. Choose the App list there.
  4. Now Scroll till you see the Wells Fargo app, and tap on its name.
  5. There you will see the Manage notifications option.
  6. In the notification setting, enable allow notifications.

Once you allowed notification, you will start notification, if the notification was bard previously.

Wells Fargo online access is currently unavailable

For some users, while they try to sign in to online banking using the app or WellsFargo.Com, this message appears-

“Online Access is currently unavailable – to access your accounts online please try again later or re-enroll for online access”

  • Probably online banking servers are down at the moment.
  • There might be some kind of connection issue.
  • You will also see this message if you aren’t enrolled in internet banking but trying to log in.
  • In the worst cases, if you had a net banking account previously, your online access might be removed.

In most cases, it might be only a momentary issue.

You can just wait and try again later to sign in to your online banking account.

However, if you are this issue continuously you can call customer care.

Customer support will check and answer if anything wrong with your account.

Wells Fargo account unavailable

If you saw the account unavailable error while trying to use the app or website, it could be one of the following-

  • Your account might be only temporarily unavailable. It could be because of a network or server-related issue.
  • You probably trying to log in using the wrong account credentials. Check your net banking user-id & password and try again.
  • Your account might be actually suspended. In this case, you have to contact customer support for more information.

Wells Fargo Customer Service number 24/7

If you are having any issues related to this application you can contact the customer support email for app users: Appstorefeedback@wellsfargo.com.

If you are having an account or payment-related issues you have to contact customer care number 1 (800) 869-3557.

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