Google Fiber App not Working? Fix Login, Payment, and Router

Is your Google Fiber app not working? You might be surprised to know that this problem is more widespread than you think. This is why, this guide comprises solutions to fix some of the most common issues such as the problem with login, network settings, issues with router configuration, and Payment-related issues on this app.

Google Fiber app is an official mobile application by GFiber for broadband customers to manage their account, billing, network settings, and router configurations on the Go.

Other than managing your account from the web version you can also use this mobile application on your mobile phone which makes it easy for you to handle the configurations.

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Furthermore, it also allows you to run speed tests if you want to check the speed of your broadband Internet connection.

In short here is the list of features that the Google Fiber mobile app offers you –

  • You can manage your Google Fiber account from your phone (at least most of the features provided).
  • It gives you direct access to the Google fiber help center. If you have a question you can ask it in the support center. You can also check from thousands of already answered questions.
  • Easily edit your Network setting from your Android or iOS Smartphone.
  • Manage your Payment account. View, and pay your broadband bills on time.
  • See all of the devices which are connected to your router. You view, manage, and change your WiFi passwords.

These are the list of features in this app for you but not all of these features are working for the customer.

While some options do works fine, there are lots of functions that are giving errors.

This guide is all about How you can fix this Google Fiber app not working error on your smartphone.

How to Fix “Google Fiber App not Working” Issues?

Fix Google Fiber app not working

The general troubleshooting for this app or any app for that matter is to force close, clear the app cache and app data, and reboot your phone.

Usually doing that would fix the issue if the problem is temporary and not happening due to some other external cause.

In the perfect world, you can fix all of your issues in a simple 5 step process, but that does not happen in the real world.

In reality, you have to first identify the root cause and follow the troubleshooting accordingly.

Even then there is a fair amount of chance that the Google Fiber app still not work for you.

But, hey it’s all about trying, isn’t it?

So keeping that in mind here is the most common issues with Google Fiber mobile app and how to fix these –

Fix Google Fiber app Login issues

Users are having the following issues while they are trying to login into their accounts on their mobile phones using the Google Fiber app –

  • This App asks you to sign in constantly even when you just logged into your account last time a few minutes ago.
  • Unable to Sign-in a fiber account. Some of the customers are not able to authorize their accounts.
  • It logs you out forcefully and you have to log in to your account each time if you want to continuously use this app.

The login issues on this app don’t happen due to some momentary issues or server-related issues.

This is a bug in the app itself that can’t be fixed by the end user.

The only workaround for the login problem is to force close the app and retry to log in.

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When you logged in to your account successfully, make sure to complete all the tasks since you might have issues the next time when you open this app.

Another alternative is that you can try the web version which is far more efficient compared to the mobile application.

Information or Page is not loading

Incorrect information related to your broadband connection, page not loading, taking too much time to load, and too slow or blank pages is other issues with Google’s Fiber app.

Unlike the Login or Signup issue, this issue can be fixed (most of the time) by –

  1. Ensure the Internet is working properly and the speed is good. When the issue is due to the network, you have to fix the internet first.
  2. Now Close this app hit the recent tasks button on your phone and close all apps.
  3. Now Tap and hold the “Google Fiber” app icon and choose “App info”.
  4. On top of the app settings page, you will notice “Force close” or “Force Stop”.
  5. Force stop the app.
  6. Now open the app again and see that page is loading properly.

This will force-stop the app and clear all recent glitches with the phone or network.

Other than a temporary issue with the network, this could also happen when Google Fiber servers are down. You can read my other article “Check Google Fiber outage” to know more.

Payment and Billing related issues on the GFiber account

Of course, the main purpose of having this application installed on your iOS or Android phone is to check, manage or pay for your Google Fiber plans.

You can easily pay your bills using any available payment method.

But sometimes the Payment might not work with a certain credit card, debit card, or a few other payment methods.

The reason for it is simple, it doesn’t support all the available payment methods.

If a card or payment method doesn’t work you can always try another.

A few other issues include server issues, errors in processing payments, and payment being barred from your bank.

However, when the app doesn’t process any payment or you are not able to view and manage your payment account you can try using its web version.

Just head over to

Can’t View or Manage your network settings

Another feature of the Google Fiber app is that you can manage your network settings on the go.

But there are some users who are having an issue while they try to change some of the network configurations or simply try to see connected devices.

When you are unable to manage or change your network setting in this app, here is what you can try –

  1. Unplug your Router, along with any other connected networking devices (such as extenders).
  2. Plug them back, wait till the connection is online, and then try to use this app again.
  3. If that does not work, force close app > tap and hold app icon > app info > storage > clear app cache and data. You will need to log in again to your account after that.
  4. See if clearing app data and cache fix the issue for you.

When none of the troubleshooting fixes the Google Fiber app not working issues, you have to contact customer care for further support.

For this, you can drop an email at or dial one of their helpline numbers. You can find more information about their customer support in this article.

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