OMNY App: How do I set up OMNY on my phone? [Full Guide]

OMNY is an easy-to-use payment method to pay for your Fare without any cash. But for some using the OMNY app could be quite confusing that’s why here we are going to talk about how to set up OMNY on your phone and how this payment system really works.

OMNY is one of the easiest, most flexible, and most convenient ways to pay your Subway or bus fare on the go directly from your Debit card, Credit card, Smartphone, or Smartwatch.

Currently, it’s in its initial state and soon it is going to replace the Metro card which is used on NICE buses, AirTrain JFK, and Bee-Line buses.

This payment system works very well with contactless bank cards, as well as mobile payments.

There are also physical OMNY cards that you can use for payment to pay for your fare.

For those who don’t know how it works, it could be sort of confusing.

But don’t worry since in this simple and straightforward article we are going to discuss – How does OMNY card works and How to set up OMNY on your phone in a few simple easy-to-follow steps.

How do I set up OMNY on My Phone?

OMNY readers work well with your bank credit card, mobile payment application, and its own OMNY cards.

In order to make payment for the fair all you need to do is use the available OMNY reader.

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You can also apply for an OMNY card which is specially designed for Fare payment if you use public transport on a regular basis.

Since it supports both full-fare and reduced-fare pay-per-ride options, passengers can use it without any issue when available.

Here are a few different options for how you can pay for your fare using OMNY Reader –

Paying via Credit or Debit Card

If you have contactless credit or debit card you can use that card to pay for your fare.

Remember you can use only those cards that have a Contactless symbol on them.

Just tap the card flat on the OMNY reader and when the screen says go, your payment is done.

Paying via Digital wallet from a Smartphone or Wearables

Those who don’t have any contactless credit or debit cards or do not carry and bank card with them can use a supported digital wallet since there is no official OMNY app.

The process for paying for your fare using a digital wallet is almost the same as slapping your card at the OMNY reader.

But you have to set up a digital wallet on your phone first.

Each of the devices is different so setting up a Digital wallet is different for each one too.

But most of us who transfer funds using mobile phones already have a Digital wallet on our smartphone.

For example on iPhone or Apple Watch, you can use Apple pay Wallet and for Android-based devices, you can use Gpay.

Paying Via your OMNY card

You can also use the OMNY Card on the OMNY Reader shelf.

For those who don’t have this card, they can purchase this card from selected retail locations.

You can also use these retail stores to reload this card.

Customers have also the option to reload this card online by registering for an OMNY account.

Using this card is also the same as using a bank’s Credit or Debit card.

You just have to slap the card on the reader and wait for the “Go” sign.

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How Does OMNY Work?

OMNY is a whole system that pays for your ride digitally without needing any actual cash in your pocket.

It also has its own dedicated card which passengers can use to pay for their phone.

Having this card is completely optional, since other than this card you also have a choice to pay via any other contactless card or digital wallet.

OMNY app not only saves your time but it makes the payment process much easier for the passengers.

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