EPFO Website not working: Activate and log in with UAN, working hours

Is EPFO Website not working on your Chrome or any other Browser? Do you want to log in with UAN on your EPFO portal but know how?

If so this post is for you.

EPFO Website Not Working

EPFO Website not working

As you may already know that EPFO stands for Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation.

https://epfindia.gov.in is the official portal where you can access all of its information online.

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If you want to access EPFO related information and login into your account you can hover over the EPFO Corner tab and click on the option which seems best for you.

How to Activate and Login to EPFO Website using UAN?

UAN which stands for Universal account number is a 12-digit number unique to each individual assigned to employees who are contributing to EPF.

UAN number is assigned by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation, in short by EPFO.

Even tho employee change their jobs, this number will remain the same throughout their life.

However, an EPF Account is assigned to employees when they join a new job.

But still, that number is also linked with their UAN.

So regardless of EPF account ID, Employer, or Job, the UAN of the employee will remain the same.

If you don’t know your UAN Number, ask your employer they will provide you with this number.

Sometimes this number is also printed on your salary slips too.

If you don’t know you can check this detailed guide to Check and Know your UAN number.

So if you know the UAN number you can follow this Process:

  1. First Head over to EPFO India website – https://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/.
  2. Under Services tab choose ‘For Employees’ option.
  3. You will List of diffrent option and links there. You have to click on ‘Member UAN/Online Services’ under ‘Services’ section.
  4. Hit the ‘Activate UAN’.
  5. On new page you will see a form where you need to fill up your details.
  6. Once you filled up all required fields hit ‘Get Authorization Pin’ button.
  7. Tick on agree and verify using OTP code that you recived.
  8. Once your UAN is activated or in case its already activated you can use UAN member Login page.

Just in case you don’t seem to remember your UAN password you can use the ‘Forget Password’ button below the sign-in button.

EPFO site not working in Chrome, Firebox or any browser

EPFO Website provided there is no server issue going on works very well on most of the browsers.

You can use mainstream browsers like Google Chrome, and Firefox to access and log in to this website.

For those users who are seeing errors as An Unexpected error has occurred, make sure that:

  • You disabled any adblocker, VPN or any other broswer extention that might interfare with website.
  • Disable any setting that might blocks cookies.
  • Close all tabs, clear out history & cache and close your browser. Now open website again and see if problem is fixed.

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EPFO not working on Mobile browsers?

This website is not designed for mobile phones nor developer make it responsive to work well on tablets or small screens.

So it is recommended to use this portal using a desktop browser instead of mobile phones.

However, that is not the option for most people.

In that case, you case once you are on the login page, in your Chrome browser, just in the top right corner of your browser screen tap on three dots.

Just above the settings option, you will see the ‘Desktop Site’ option, tick the box right next to it.

What it will do? it will provide you with desktop UI for the site you are visiting.

The same option is available for Firefox as well, Just tap on three dots and turn on the desktop option.


What are EPFO Website Working hours?

The official website remains life always. However, sometime they may face server-related issues.

Why EPFO Website not Working?

It could be due to any reason, ranging from server-related issues, issues with your network, issues with the browser you are using, or sometimes the device itself. The website works best with Desktop browsers like Firefox or chrome.

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