Ikon Pass App not working? – Why it’s not working and Fix Errors

Recently some Ikon pass users have reported that they are unable to access certain features like Tracking for some reason.

For some others, the Ikon pass app not working properly and they are getting errors like – Something went wrong, please try again later.

If you are having any of such an issue with Ikon Pass, you can follow this guide to troubleshoot or at least identify the reason behind these errors.

Ikon Pass App not working

Ikon Pass is one of the best main ski pass options available for North American Skiers and borders.

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Ikon Pass App is a mobile application that you can use to track pass information on your Android or iOS mobile phone.

It not only allows you to see your remaining days and blackout dates but also you can also choose your favorite destinations, preferences, and more.

Here is the list of features that this app offers you –

  • Provide you tracking feature which you can use to track your locations, stats, weather, and other information.
  • Users can see their blackout dates and remaining days.
  • It keeps you updated with the latest vouchers and exclusive deals.
  • You can connect with your crew and track each other locations.
  • and more.

But, Recently Ikon Pass App not working for some users.

If you are having any errors related to this app, you can follow this step-by-step troubleshooting guide.

5 Steps to Fix Ikon Pass app working error

Here is how you can Fix when Ikon Pass App is not working on your phone – 

Check if Ikon Server is down

If you are, your friend or anyone you know has difficulty using Ikon, it most likely server related issue.

You can confirm with the support team at their official support email – app@ikonpass.com or Twitter at – @ikonpass to confirm if that’s the case.

Check for the latest update

Always use the latest version of the app.

You can update to the latest version from the Google Play store or iOS App store (depending on which mobile operating system you are using).

Check for App Permission

When you install this application make sure you provide all of the permission that this app asked.

Otherwise, you might have an issue using some features.

For example, the tracking feature requires that location permissions are always allowed.

Disable battery optimization

Some Android phone comes with a feature called “Battery Optimization”.

It sometimes removes apps from running automatically in the background and sometimes removes permissions that are really needed to use certain features of the apps.

If Battery optimization is enabled in your for then make sure to exclude the ikon pass app from the list.

Clear cache and Re-install the app

Tap and Hold the Ikon app icon on the home page and proceed to head over to app settings.

Under the storage, you will see options to clear the app cache and app data.

Delete the app cache, and Delete app data. Uninstall the app and reboot your phone.

Now reinstall the ikon pass app, login into your account, and see if that fixes the not working problem.

Ikon Pass Something went wrong error, try again later

Some users are seeing this error while they are trying to access their pass stats or other information.

This is a temporary issue that sometimes happens for some unknown reason, most likely due to some sort of server glitch.

If you are having this problem, just force close the app, clear all recent apps, and try to open this app again.

Following the basic troubleshooting process will also help.

The Pass tracking feature is not working

Ikon pass tracking is one of the most useful and used features. 

There is an issue for some of the users where after enabling tracking they are unable to see past information and stats.

The tracking feature requires GPS or Location access and when you install this app location permission must be set to “Always enable”.

If for some reason Location access is disabled it will stop working correctly.

So ensure that it is enabled.

If you are unsure, just reinstall the app provide all the permission it asked for, and enable GPS (Or a location in android).

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What about when my Ikon Pass Sign in Doesn’t work?

There might be some issue with your Login ID or Password. You can use the reset password link to reset your account.

Why I can’t upgrade my Ikon Pass profile information?

You might have seen the Lock icon near the update or edit profile information. It means that editing is locked and to make changes you have to contact the support team.

Why app gave me an error when trying to track my day?

It is most likely because the app is unable to retrieve your location. Check that location is enabled and the app is working properly.

Why is iKon Pass App not working?

It’s hard to say of each case scenario. Server, in-app bugs, and permission errors are a few of the most common culprits as to why it’s not working on your phone.

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