Kasa App not working: Stopped, Unreachable, Opening errors

Some Kasa Smart users are having an issue like scheduling not working, Device unreachable, stopped working or the Kasa app not working on their phone or tablet.

This article guides you toward the solution to most of the common errors that you may face while using this mobile application.

Fix Kasa App not Working issues

Kasa Smart is a smart home application for your Android and iOS mobile phone that helps you control your device by using your mobile phone.

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Not only control but you can also add, configure and monitor all of the compatible connected devices from anywhere in the world.

If you have TP-LINK Smart home devices, this app is a must to not configure and use those devices.

If the Kasa app is not working for you, following this guide might help.

Kasa App schedule not working

Using the Kasa app you can schedule tasks on your Kasa smart devices.

If the Schedule is not working correctly or not working you can fix these issues on your shelf.

The schedule does not work properly due to one of these two errors-

  • The scheduling rule does not take effect at the programmed time that you set.
  • Schedule rules disappear automatically.

The scheduling rule does not take effect at the programmed time

If the schedule does not take effect on the time you set here is what you can do-

  1. Navigate to Device Settings > Device info and check if the time settings are correct.
  2. Make sure that the device firmware is updated to the latest version.
  3. If even updating didn’t help you can try resetting the device.

Schedule rules disappear sometimes

  1. Make sure to update your Kasa app to the latest version available.
  2. Delete the schedule and set up some test schedule and check if its works this time.
  3. Try using a different phone to set up a schedule.
  4. Check for the firmware update for your device.

Here is the ink which explains, how to check the firmware version and how to update to the latest one.

Kasa Device Unreachable

If you are getting notices like – ‘Device unreachable’ it might mean one of the following things-

  • Your device may be powered off.
  • That device may be not connected to the same network.
  • Your network (To which the device is connected) is having trouble connecting to that device.
  • The devices are not on the same WiFi network as your smartphone.

Check your device and network for one of these possible reasons and you can fix the problem accordingly.

Kasa app not opening on iPad

While Kasa Smart App is available on iOS app stores for iOS devices, it is not compatible with all apple devices.

If it was previously working on your iPad but just stopped working recently.

Check if you made recent changes to your iPad like updating it to a newer version or resetting it.

Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling may help.

How to Reset Kasa App

If nothing works, there is always an option to reset your TP-Link Kasa smart device.

There are two reset options available for you – soft reset and factory reset.

While a soft reset may not erase all of your settings and may fix some issues but sometimes you need to factory reset your device.

Performing a factory reset will erase all of your custom settings and restore the device to the factory defaults preset.

If you having some issues, we suggest you first try the solution to fix that issue and then soft reset.

If that fixes the issue then there is no reason to perform a hard reset.

Soft reset TP-Link Kasa smart switch

Locate the reset button on your TP-Link device.

Now hold that reset button for at least 5 seconds.

WiFi led will start blinking green light and initiate the app-config process.

Hard Factory reset your device

To reset your device to factory settings follow those steps-

Press and Hold the reset button until Wi-F LED blinks amber light (about 10 seconds).

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How do I reset my Kasa App?

To soft reset just Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds or until the Wi-Fi LED blinks green and amber light.

What devices work with the Kasa app?

At the time of writing this post Kasa smart is compatible with TP-LINK Smart Plug HS100/110/107 KP200/400/EP10, Smart Plug Mini HS103/105 KP105, Smart Switch HS200/210/220, Smart Power Strip HS300/303, Smart Bulb LB100/110/120/130/200/230, KL50/60/110/120/130, IP Camera KC100/105/110/115/120/200/300/310/400/410S/420WS, Smart Router SR20, and Range Extender RE270/370/350K.

Why is Kasa smart app not working?

It’s hard to pinpoint only one reason why it’s not working for you. Follow the troubleshooting steps according to the type of error you are getting.

Why are all my Kasa devices offline?

There might be some kind of connection issue between your devices and WiFi. Try turning off all devices, WiFi, and routers. Forced rescan and check to see if they start working.

Why is my Kasa not connecting?

All of your Kasa devices must need to be on the same WiFi network and it must be an active connection. Make sure that you configure all of the devices according to the user manual that comes with the device.

How to fix Kasa Stoped working?

Clear out app caches and data and login into the app.

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