Letterboxd App not working? – Ads, Crashing, Sign In & Statistics

Are you encountering some type of strange Letterboxd App not working issues such as Error Getting member Statistics, Ads are opening automatically, or Error Signing In, all of sudden and not sure what is causing and how to make it go away?

Letterboxd Errors Highlights

Unfortunately, the LetterBoxd app not working properly is not the only issue viewers have right now, here are some other problems that people are facing with Letterboxd mobile application –

  • Ads open up automatically in separately, sometimes without even clicking on them.
  • The app keeps going blank suddenly during loading or opening a new page.
  • The app is scrolling automatically to the bottom of the screen even though you don’t click anything.
  • Crashes, freezing issues mobile app is crashing too much.

In this article, we are going to talk about these issues and what you can do to make this app work for you.

Why is the LetterBoxd App not Working?

How to Fix LetterBoxd App not working errors

Consider Letterboxd as a social media app for those who love movies, similar to Goodreads which is for book lovers.

It is available for your Android, and iOS devices and as a web application for PC web browsers.

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This allows you to browse all of the artwork, trailers, ratings, movie information, and more in one place.

Also you can read the information for the movies. This will helps you decide whether you should watch that movie or not.

You can also review movies that you watched already and help others whether it’s worth watching or not.

For the premium subscriber an active feed option is available along with the member statistics feature.

These are the feature that this app offers you as a member, however, the Letterboxd app is not working recently or those it’s working they are having a very poor experiance after a few last updates.

Let’s talk about The reason behind some of these common LetterBoxd issues.

Here are a few of these reasons-

  • They had updated their interface sometime ago which forced users to see too many ads.
  • There are many bugs which are slowing down the app. In some cases the app is downright crashing because of it.
  • Another problem with them is the server problem. Sometimes their server goes through heavy load which breaks some of the features in the app.

How to Fix LetterBoxd App not Working errors?

Experiencing frustrating errors, annoying ads popping up, or login issues on the Letterboxd app? Let’s troubleshoot these problems:

Fix 1 – Updates, Compatibility fixes

To keep the app updated and compatible with all the latest Android, & iOS versions developers constantly update their app.

They also address bugs, glitches, or some other known issues when they drop an update on the app store.

Make sure to turn auto-update on so the app will automatically update.

Fix 2 – Clear temporary issues

Just tap to head over to the home screen and close all of the recent apps.

This should fix some temporary glitches so you can start surfing movie information again.

Fix 3 – Crashing, Freezing, Blank page or Not loading error

Letterboxd sometimes and for some devices crashed, froze or takes forever to load a page.

You can try force-closing or resetting the app. This should fix the problem if not happened as a result of some bug in the app.

Fix 4 – Login, Sign up, or other Account related issues

Similar to any other social media or any other application that offers you a login option, you can also reset your password here too.

If the problem is with your credentials you can reset your password. To work this you should have access to the email which you used to register.

Fix 5 – Bugs, glitches, and Server issues

There are no easy fixes for the bugs or glitches that happened from the server side or by some misconfiguration in the app code.

These kinds of issues are should be addressed by developers.

Please note: These step will generally work for some of the issues which commonly occurred not on the bugs, server-side issues.

Fix other Commons Issues

How to Fix Letterboxd Ads are opening Automatically

This seems to be the issue that almost every Letterboxd user (who didn’t subscribe to premium membership) is facing a lot lately, especially after the last update.

After the last update, they are pushing ads to the free users to the point that these ads open automatically without their consent.

Even tho you might have not clicked on the advertisement option, it will open up automatically in separate windows on your mobile browser.

You can imagine how massive this problem is by just reading the play store reviews alone.

This app is performing fine on the iOS app store considering this problem is happening only for the Android version.

Developers are aware of this problem and they had commented this issue is the result of “an advertiser abusing the ad-creation platform software”.

The only solution for this problem seems to be subscribing to pro membership which is not affordable for the majority of people.

Error Getting Member Statistics

When retrieving information about a member or even about yourself you might see an error – ‘Error Getting member Statistics’.

This isn’t a very common issue, alright it happens very rarely.

It could happen due to heavy server traffic, server down, or any other issues after a similar fashion.

If you get ‘Error Getting member Statistics’ simply close the app and restart again.

In case you are getting this error continuously you can get in this with the developer by email at – droid@letterboxd.com.

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How to solve “Error Signing In on your Account”?

To be able to just browse and use this application you don’t need an account.

However, the main attraction of this application is to be able to follow other members, and profiles, keep a log of your favorite or watched movies, get the latest news and participate in reviews which isn’t possible without becoming a member by creating an account.

They offer both Pro and free membership, you can join either one as you saw fit.

The common fix that can be suggested here is resetting your account.

You can reset your login credentials if you are unsure that you are entering the wrong password.

But not always happens due to a wrong password or username.

Sometimes app might have trouble difficulty communicating with the server and as a result, you will see this ‘Error Signing In on your Account’ message.

You can try login in using another device or on the official website – https://letterboxd.com/ to ensure that the problem is not with your account.

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