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RBI, The reserver Bank of India Recently louched the Mobile Application Name Mani for the Android mobile phone users. What this App does is that it Aid the Visually impaired persons to identify the Indian currency, Specially the notes. For this Purpose, this Application provides multiple sets of features Like Increasing the number size, Changing the Color etc. If you Want to know things like Mani app full form, How to Download Mani App for Android, How to Use Mani App to scan the note, mani app, how to use mani app,rbi launched mani app, rbi mani app, mani app download, mani app rbi, Paytm mani app, mani app kya hai,rbi launch mani app, mani app by rbi, what is mani app, best-earning app, mani app kaise use kare,mani golf iphone app review, making money app, rbi ने launch किया mani app, mani app se nakali note ka pata kaise lagayethen you are On the right page.

Here in this yet another Article we are Going to Review Reserve Bank of India’s Mani App.

What is Mani App?

Mani Android mobile Application is launched a few days back with the Aim to support the Visually impaired persons to Help Identify Indian Banknotes. If you know any of the people who are Struggles to Identify the currency notes then you can Refer them to This Help.

Mani App Full Form, Download

We all know that the new series of notes was released back in the year 2016 and Under this Series, new Currency notes of rs 10, rs 20, rs 50, rs 100, rs 200, rs 500 and rs 2000 was launched.

Since then the Visually impaired persons are Struggling to identify the notes in this Denominations. But now RBI being helpful by Launching a Special mobile Application to help them.

Here are the uniques set of features of This mobile Application that you will find Helpful-

  • It is specially designed to identify the series of Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.200 Rs.500 and Rs.2000 Indian Currency.
  • This Application is made available by the Reserve bank of India itself. There are no Ads or In-App purchases that need to use All of the features.
  • It can generate the Audio or Non-Sonic Notification and provide users the Denomination of the Currency that He/She scanning.
  • Mani is easy to use Mobile Application which supports the Identification of Any available Indian notes.
  • App has language support for both Hindi and English Language.
  • You can Scan currency in real-time but it also shows you the History of the Notes that you already Scanned.
  • It is not only for Visually Impaired but also for Visually & Hearing Impaired and output result as per the use Requested.

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Mani App Full Form

The Mani App Full form is Mobile Aided Note Identifier. Here the Note stands for the Indian currency or in other words you can say that it is for the Banknotes that are Launched after the Demonetization in the Year 2016. This App for the Currency notes of Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.200 Rs.500 and Rs.2000 which was Released under the Mahatma Gandhi Series in 2016.

So basically it is an application that identifies the Currency using the back camera and tells it, users, that What note it is. It is simply a Note Identifier for the Visually Impaired or Both Visually and Hearing Impaired person.

The Mani App Full Form is Mobile Aided Note Identifier. It suggests the usability of the App.

Download Mani for Android

If you are Looking for Download the Application your Can Download Mani App from the Google Play store for Android mobile phone users.

Download App

Here is the Download button, By clicking on it You will be redirected to Google play store Download page.

There on Play store, Simply click on the Install Button and lets the installation finish to install the App.

How to Use?

If you to Know that How to Use Mani App then you have to follow the steps below to do so –

  1. First of course as Always you have to Download the Application. I Assume you already Download the app on your Android phone.
  2. Open the App and you will 5 Different options Introductions, Scan Currency, History, Setting, and Finally Help.
  3. The instruction will instruct you on how to use the Application.
  4. The Scan currency the Feature, Around that the Whole App designed. This is the Option that Allows you to Scan Currency using your Phone’s Camera.
  5. The History option is there to Gives you the information about the note that you already scanned using this App.
  6. The Setting option will help you to Set up the App, Currency Scanner As per your Need.
  7. Finally the Help option there for you to Any help. If you are facing any problem/issue/error Regarding this Android mobile Application then you will get Help using this Option.

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This App shows you that RBI is Actually caring. You can customize the app as per your need like Language Selection, Impairment selection.

It uses your Phones main Camera to identify the notes. The result will be Output in the Audio Format for the Visually impaired users. Aside from the Main features it also helps you to navigate and Switch between different screens just by using the voice commands.

You can also see the history from the last 30 days, It shows you the Result of the Currency notes that you scanned in the last 30 days.

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