Nike SNKRS App Not Working? – Fix OTP, Loading & Login

There are many Nike SNKRS app not working issues which will happen either due to bugs, insufficient permissions, or incompatibility with your phone. Few other issues such as – this app is not available in your country, unable to receive a verification code, the app stuck at the loading screen, crashing, and the app logging you out, are also annoying users recently.

But you don’t have to worry since, Here in this guide, we are going to explore How to fix these issues by making a few simple adjustments to the app’s settings.

Why is the Nike SNKRS app not working for me?

Why is Nike app is not working for you depends on various different factors including what you are trying to access, the feature available, and the glitched related to that feature.

For example here is some of the errors that you likely face and why these happen while using this sneakers app –

  • Unable to Place orders – There is no pair in stock or it is due to heavy traffic.
  • Notification alerts are not working – you might have not provided sufficient permission or the notification is blocked from app settings.
  • The app is not loading – Perhaps due to a weak internet connection.
  • Nike SNKRS Crashing or Freezing – Too many background tasks can lead to heavy RAM consumption as a result apps that you are using will froze momentarily.
  • Phone verification is not working – The server isn’t sending verification messages, Wrong mobile number or sender might be in your block/spam list.

These are just a few of the examples, there are many other NIKE SNKRS issues that users might have, and here we are going into detail for each of these major issues and How to fix these problems.

How to Fix the Nike SNKRS app not working errors?

Previously we published an article Nike SNKRS App Review; In which article we talked about this sneakers app and how you can use this online shopping app to book your own set of sneakers.

Nike SNKRS App not working

However, there are lots of users who are having “NIKE SNKRS app not working” errors while they are trying to access this application.

Problems like being stuck at the loading screen, unable to receive the verification code on your phone number, the app keeps logging the user out, and the app is not available in your country are some of the most faced errors.

However, you don’t have to worry since here in this guide we are going to talk about what exactly these errors are and How to Fix Nike SNKRS app not working issues.

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SNKRS App is not available in my Country

If you are not in the country where Nike offers Sneaker service you will see the message “SNKRS app not available in your country“.

For these (Where it’s really not available) this isn’t an error but simply a statement.

Since Nike Sneakers are not available in that country you can’t use this app for basically almost anything.

The whole premise of this app is to provide a platform for customers who love and want to buy sneakers.

When these stores are not available in your location there is not really much this app can offer you.

However, there are some users who are seeing this error even tho they are in the country where it’s really available.

If you are having this issue as well here is what you can do to fix this problem –

  1. Make sure that you are not connected to a Proxy or VPN. This could lead this app to believe you are from that particular country.
  2. Sometimes the wrong country could be set in your Phone’s settings. Ensure that you have set the correct region in Country/Region on your phone’s account settings.
  3. Provide the all required permission to this app and Turn on the location service.

Following this can helps you fix this Nike SNKRS app not Working problem if you are seeing the messaging app is not available in your country.

However, please note that this will not work when you are in a country where they do not offer their services.

Nike SNKRS phone verification not working

When you sign up for the first time or login into the app after some time Nike SNKRS will ask you to provide an OTP verification code that it sends to your registered phone number.

However, sometimes you might not receive that verification code which leads to failed verification, and then you can’t log in to your account.

Here are a few of the major reasons why Phone Verification is not working and how to fix the error when you are not getting the OTP verification code on your phone –

  1. First, make that the number that you have provided is the right one. Also, check the country code as well.
  2. Head over to your Message application and check senders aren’t in the block list.
  3. Make sure that you provided permission to read SMS to this app.
  4. Sometimes the issue could be from Nike’s server itself. Wait for some time and try it again if you suspect this is the case.

The Nike SNKRS app stuck at the loading screen

App stucking on the loading screen or taking too much time to load content isn’t normal behavior of any mobile application.

If NIKE SNKRS is stuck o the loading screen, freezing, or taking too much time to load this could be due to some kind of Bug, glitch, low memory, or server-side issues.

It also happens sometimes when the NIKE server gets a very very high amount of traffic.

There are a few things you can try, But you can’t always fix this issue –

  1. First, check your Network speed. Slow internet is the top reason behind this kind of error.
  2. If you have too many apps running in the background, close every one of them.
  3. Run phone manager application to clear up temporarily memory.
  4. Check the app again. If still not working tap and hold an app icon and clear out the app cache and data.
  5. Reboot your phone, open the Nike Sneaker app again, and login into your account.

Fix SNKRS keeps logging you out

There are some users who are having the problem like “SNKRS logging them out every time they close and reopen the app”.

While this not happening for all of the customers this is an indication of some sort of bugs or glitches that happen constantly.

When this error happens customers have to login into their account each time when they open this app.

This is not supposed to happen. Users need to log in only one time when they have just installed this app on their phone.

Some users reported that this error got fixed after some days.

In any case, you can basic troubleshoot when the app is not working and but even if that doesn’t work you can try app support for more information.

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Troubleshoot App notifications are not working

Most of the apps send you Notification alerts and Nike SNKRS does this as well.

It will alert you about the latest news, updates, and more occasionally on your phone.

If you do not want to receive this app notification you can disable them as well in the app’s notification settings on your phone.

However, sometimes notifications do not work even tho you want them due to some Nike SNKRS app not Working errors.

Here is what you can do when Nike Sneakers notifications are not working on your smartphone –

On your Android phone

Tap and hold the app icon and tap on app info there. Select ‘Manage notification’ and make sure that you allow all the notification channels for this app.

If all of the notifications are already toggled on and you are still not receiving any alerts you can try reinstalling the app and providing all required permissions.

On your iOS device

If you are not receiving it on your iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you check the notifications settings that it is turned on.

When you are sure that notifications are turned on for SNKRS mobile app and you are still not receiving alerts you can try ‘Reset app cache on next start’ in the app’s settings to Fix app not working issues.

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