Nike SNKRS App Review 2024: How to Use, Dan, Draw & Return

Here in This Nike SNKRS App Review, We are going to review How to Use this app to buy your favorite pair of shoes online. Other than shopping online for and Process to order your favorite pair of sneakers we are also going to discuss the return policy and more information about this app.

Nike SNKRS App Review 2024

Nike SNKRS is your ultimate in some cases the best way to buy Sneakers from Nike.

Using this App you can shop and order your next pair of Good looking sneakers online directly from your phone.

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Here on this app you will not only able to book sneakers online prior to their release but can also secure a pair for you to pick them up from your nearest retailer.

Apart from offering customers online booking, they can also get the latest information about launches, events, and exclusive releases.

Here is the list of features that the SNKRS App offers you-

  • Allows you to buy the pair of your favorite Sneakers prior to its launch.
  • Offers live notifications on your phone about upcoming releases and events.
  • You can reserve a pair at your nearest store so you can pick them up easily.

How to buy shoes on SNKRS App?

If you want to Buy your next stylish pair of Sneakers from SNKRS, here is what you have to do-

  1. The first step is Download SNKRS App obviously.
  2. Register as a new user, if you do not have a Nick account. You can log in directly using your existing account.
  3. Create your profile and navigate to the product that interests you.
  4. Hit the Price label button >> Choose your Size and hit Ok.
  5. The Pending status may appear, even after making payment especially if you are making advance booking.

There are two types of SNKRS launches “Draw or Dan”.

When a product is live, you would see the Enter draw option instead of Notify me button.

After the draw, this app will notify you within one hour whether you will be able to buy shoes or not.

How do Nike SNKRS works?

Once you download the app from the app store you have to create your profile and enter your address and other information.

The product will be sent to the name and address that you have provided.

Of course, booking the product is not as simple as clicking on the buy now button and waiting for delivery.

It has additional, one or two steps like hitting the notify button before the draw begin, Entering the Draw while it’s life and once you successfully hit the jackpot you can pay using a Credit card to buy the product.

Upon successful order product will be shipped to you or you can pick up your pair of Sneakers from the retailer after release.

What about the Return policy?

Nick.Com has a return policy, according to that all Nike products have a 60-day extended return policy.

If you are Nike Member, Using the official website or the mobile application you can return the item from the order page of that item.

Customers can also make the return from the local Nike stores.

However, there are some terms and conditions that you remember, like-

  • The item that you are trying to return should be undamaged and in re-sellable condition.
  • You need to submit a return request within the allowed days of the product delivery date.

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If you ordered the product online and want the instructions on how to return it you can find more information on this page.


What is SNKRS App?

SNKRS is the mobile application provided by Nike for Sneakers only. It allows you to book, purchase, and get information about the latest Nike Sneakers directly on your phone.

What SNKRS App offers?

It offers Nike Sneakers online as well as advance booking to pick them up from retail stores.

Is Nike SNSKRS available in India?

For now, this app is not available to download in India. However, the latest update from Indian Express suggests that the company is soon going to make it available in Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and of course India.

Is there an SNKRS app for Adidas?

No Adidas does not have Sneakers Exclusive mobile application similar to SNKRS. However, if you want to Buy Adidas products online they have a mobile application named ‘Adidas Confirmed’, which you can download from App stores.

How do I Download the SNKRS App?

You can download this App for your Android and iOS phone from the Google Play Store or iOS App store. This application is not available in every country. So if you can download it, it means this service is not available in your country.

Can you return sneakers from Nike snkrs app?

Yes, you can return Sneakers that you bought using the app, as long it fulfills all of Nick’s product return policy criteria.

Nike App vs SNKRS – What’s the difference?

According to the official site Nike.Com, the Nick App is an extension of the official website. It allows you to purchase all of the shoes, gear, and exclusive products that nick has to offer. On the other side, SNKRS is the ultimate destination for Sneakers only.

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