Fix Redstone Federal Credit Union app not working Issues

Is the Redstone Federal Credit Union app not working? and you are unable to make a mobile deposit into your account with this app? Or perhaps the Fingerprint login seems to be broken for you. Worry not dear readers if you are having any of the RedFCU bank app glitches/errors/bugs this article will help you not only identify the reason why but steps to resolve these problems.

Little Bit about RedFCU mobile app

Redstone Federal Credit Union App is a mobile banking application for those who have any kind of account with RedFCU.

Using this official online mobile banking application you can carry out any kind of authorized transactions from your account.

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While it might not offer you each and every feature available in your Net banking dashboard, using this app you can easily transfer funds, views your account balance and statements, and deposit checks to your account directly from your mobile phone.

Here is the full list of features that this app offers you –

  • View available funds or get a transaction statement for your Checking, Savings, Loan, or your investing account.
  • Initiate transactions directly from your mobile phone. You can easily transfer money to another bank account from this app.
  • Got a check, but have no time to visit your bank to deposit it? don’t worry this app also offers you a check deposit facility, which allows you to deposit a check by just scanning it from your phone.
  • Secure your account from prying eyes by using either password or biometric login like Fingerprint scanning.

Details on Redstone Federal Credit Union App problems

Fix Redstone Federal Credit Union app not working

For RFCU members Redstone mobile app is the only solution to do banking on their mobile phones (If we don’t include third-party tools like Zelle).

It provides many features, but some seem to be broken for some users.

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For example here are some of the issues, glitches, or bugs recently reported by many users –

  • Fingerprint Login isn’t working – The option to unlock this app using your fingerprint seems to be broken for many users. They are not able to unlock this app using their fingerprint scanner. As a result, they are forced to enter the password each time to use this app.
  • Having Difficulties Depositing a cheque – During depositing a cheque using, sometime it will reject the deposit due to issues like folds on the cheque, uneven corners, etc.
  • Not being able to connect – While using this online banking app you might have encountered an error like – Please try again later, We are experiencing some technical difficulties, etc.
  • Logs users out automatically randomly – Sometimes this app logs users out randomly without giving any warning or error code.

Why RedFCU App not working

Considering most of the major issues reported by RFCU members recently this most likely not working for you due to glitches and bugs which is preventing you from using this app properly.

These Glitches usually affect features like login, fingerprint login, logging you out automatically, and occasionally being unable to transfer funds.

Other than those bugs you also have noticed that sometimes this app rejects mobile deposit of cheques.

It is not due to error but the strict rules from RFCU itself which reject the cheque if there the cheque you are scanning doesn’t fit the criteria.

Fix Redstone Federal Credit Union App not working issues

There are many issues that RedFCU has, here are most of these issues and what you can do to Fix Redstone Federal Credit Union App not working errors –

How to Troubleshoot Mobile deposit errors

Almost all of the official online mobile banking applications do provide you the facility to deposit money into your account by scanning a cheque from your phone’s camera.

So mobile deposit facility isn’t unique to this app.

Even tho this app provides you the facility to deposit credit using a cheque to your account, it might simply not work sometimes.

If you want to make sure you’ll not get any errors iin making a deposit here are the tips that you need to follow –

  • Only the Single-party domestic checks made payable to you can be scanned via the app. Make sure that it doesn’t fall into an unacceptable type.
  • Do not forget to endorse the check. A properly endorsed check does include the Payee signature and the text “For Mobile Deposit at RFCU” at its back.
  • Make sure that check is not defective in any way including folded corners and Excess skew.
  • Other than the damage they also deny your deposit due to the image being too dark, the image too light, check below the minimum, the above minimum size, too small, too large, or the back image not in scale.
  • Make sure that none of the information or text that is needed on the check isn’t missing.

If you follow all those guidelines you will be able to make a remote deposit from your phone without any issue.

Fix Fingerprint login issues

Fingerprint Login not working is a common glitch with this app.

Users who opt to use fingerprint to login into this app are having a really hard time login into this app.

Most of the time it doesn’t even recognize authorized fingerprints forcing users to log in with their username and password.

Considering this is a bug in the app itself there is no permanent fix for this problem.

The only workaround seems to be trying multiple times.

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“We are experiencing technical difficulties” or “Please Try again later” Error

Sometimes you might have noticed the error code “We are experiencing technical difficulties” or “Please Try again later”.

While most of the time this error comes when you try to access a particular feature of service in the app, this most probably indicates that there is something wrong with RFCU service at this moment.

Usually, you can fix this issue by closing and reopening the app.

But when it doesn’t work you have to Check the Redstone Federal Server status and check “Is the RedFCU server down right now?”.

If they are, wait till the servers are up and running.


Similar to most other online banking applications RedFCU also has lots of glitches, bugs, or issues that affect your user’s experience.

In this guide, we have discussed various Redstone Federal Credit Union App not working issues and some troubleshooting steps which help you to fix these problems.

I hope this guide will help you sort out any issues.

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