SBI Quick App: How to Use, Registration, Balance, & Statement

Do you want to Install SBI Quick App or want to know the Registration Process for mobile numbers, Want to know how to use this App for Balance inquiries, Mini statements, Request checkbooks, and more?

State Bank’s Quick App Review

SBI Quick App

SBI Quick App is Different from your Internet Banking Applications.

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It’s a Missed Call Banking App that provides you services right from your phone quickly as possible.

Thus the Name – Quick.

It provides you The Services such as balance inquiry, ATM card blocking, card usage configuration, mini statement, car/home loan inquiry, or PM social security schemes that can be availed using the SBI Quick.

Here is the list of features that this Missed call banking app offers you-

  • Balance inquiry instantly on your fingertips right from your phone.
  • Generate Mini Statement whenever you want, not there is no need to go to the bank when you want to check your recent transaction.
  • ATM Card blocking feature is there, in case if you lost your ATM card and want to avoid misuse of your card.
  • Car loan features. Now your dream of having your own card becomes true.
  • Participate in PM Social Security schemes.
  • Account Statement through e-mail which will inform you about transactions in your bank account.

Is SBI Quick App Safe?

This Mobile Application is launched by the State Bank of India itself and thus it is completely legit.

It is completely safe to use (However, sometimes it may be buggy) and provides a wide range of banking features on your phone.

How to Register on SBU Quick Mobile App

Customers will not need an internet connection to take advantage of these services.

These services are capable of SMS or missed calls.

To use the app, Customers are required to register once for this kind of service.

But even before that, you have to download this App on your phone.

SBI Quick App Download APK

For Android smartphones, you can download the App from the Google Play store.

By following the Download process below the Application will be installed on your mobile in the next 2 minutes.

  1. Visit Google Play Store for Android phones or Apple App Store for iOS devices.
  2. There on the installation page, tap on the install button.
  3. Wait till installation is finished.
  4. You are ready to register on this Banking App.

SBI Quick App Registration Process

As I mentioned earlier, this application is Missed Call banking App.

Instead of sending requests to the server by the HTTP request, it sent missed calls or SMS with predefined keywords for different services.

Customers who are registered for phone banking will be able to use this app.

If you are not registered for phone banking, you can head over to your Home banking Branch and fill-up the form to activate the phone banking.

and you can follow this process-

  1. Open your phone’s SMS Box and message REG to 09223488888.
  2. The SMS charges will be applied as per your tariff.
  3. You will receive the confirmation message for successful registration.

But make sure to send the message from the mobile number that is already linked with your State bank account.

How to register a mobile number

You can’t avail of the services from a number other than that is already linked with your Bank account.

If you have more than one mobile number linked with your account then you can use any of those numbers to register on this App.

How to use SBI Quick App

SBI customers can get a balance, mini statement, and a wide range of other account-related services through mobile phones with this app.

Initiate SBI Balance inquiry

If you want to check your Bank account Balance-

  1. After Login, Tap on Account Services.
  2. In the Account services, Choose the DOMESTIC tab.
  3. Hit the Phone or Message icon right next to Balance Enquiry.

Depending on how you want to know your balance choose an option.

For example, if you want to know your Bank account balance via SMS choose SMS, otherwise Choose Call to get a voice call.

If you choose to call, you’ll receive a voice call informing you about your available balance.

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How to Generate SBI Mini Statement

In the same way, we check the balance but choose a different option.

  • Choose Account Services on the home page.
  • Right next to the Mini Statment option choose either the Call or Message icon.

You will receive the information shortly.

In the same way, you can request of Banking Statement for the past 6 months.

The statement will be sent to your registered Email Address.

SBI Quick App not Woking

The App will not use any server for the services that you will request.

It will mostly, will send either a Message or Missed call automatically on your behalf.

So it will not work only if your phone number is not registered or there is an error in the server.

In any case, if you have a problem using this app you can send mail to – for more information.

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