TPS Family App: Download, Register, Login & Covid-19 Health Screening

Here in this post, We are going to talk about the TPS Family App, and how to Download, Register, log in for daily Covid-19 Health Screening. The TPS is is a short form of the Tacoma Public School Mobile Application. This is designed to help families complete the Daily COVID-19 health screening easily.

What is TPS Family App

TPS Family App Download, Register, Login

Here TPS Full form is from Tacoma Public School.

The Tacoma Public School Launched an online web application that will allow families to complete the Daily COVID-19 Health screen right from their phone or tablet.

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Parents whose children are going to school can head over and log in to this portal to access the Daily Health Questionaire.

That questionnaire and Daily health Screening is required to fill up on a daily basis to Gain entry into the school building.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Education is one of the most affected departments.

And There was no way that students can attend classes during that lockdown period.

However, Now that cases are reduced and the lockdown is lifted schools are reopening.

But that doesn’t mean that Covid-19 is gone completely.

We have to take social distancing more seriously, especially while everything starts to return back to normal.

That’s why Workplaces and Organizations are required to perform daily health screening for each individual present at the location to ensure none of them are exposed to viruses.

TPS Family App Download

This is a completely online web application, and you do not require to download any standalone app on your mobile phone.

The site can be accessed using any mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

On that online health screening web application, After the login, you have to initiate the online health questionnaire.

Anyway, you can’t Download TPS Family App on your Android or iOS device but using your Browser’s Add on Homepage feature you can add that site on your Phone’s home screen.

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Once you Add this Web Application to your phone’s home screen, you can access it easily without typing a URL every time when you have initiated the health screening.

How to Register an Account & Login

Before participating in Daily health screening you must log in to your TPS account.

If you Don’t have a Family App account you have to register first.

Here is the Complete TPS Registration Process for you-

  1. First head over to the official portal –
  2. You need to enter your email which you register in your Child’s school.
  3. Once you finish, You’ll receive an invitation to your registered email address.
  4. After you successfully registered on the portal, you will be Able to Login there.

If you Don’t receive the mail then make sure the mail isn’t in the Spam or Trash folders.

Also in case if you don’t know your registered Email Address with the school then you can Contact School to verify your email.

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You can also update a new email from there as well.

How to Complete COVID-19 Health Screening

On your kid’s first day in Tacoma School Building, the Parent will be able to access the COVID-19 Screening form.

You can fill up this using your Android phone, iOS iPhone, iPad, Laptop, and any other Device.

Here is How to Finish Daily Health Screening-

  1. First visit – or
  2. Once you on the TPS Family App Website, you can fill-up the form.
  3. Answer all of the questions Honestly.
  4. Once all of the Questionnaire is answered, Submit the health screening form.

This process must be complete on a daily basis, Each day when students in the school building.

Screening is required for students and parents to Gain entry.

If they failed in screening, they can’t enter the School Buiding.

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