What exactly is SmartJailMail app and How it works?

Want to know what is SmartJailMail app is and how it works? in this article, we are going to discuss all its special features for secure prison email communication.

There are many systems or mobile applications offered by correctional institutions, it all depends on the the institution and which system they are using.

SmartJailMail is one of these systems that is used by many jails which allows inmates to get in touch with their loved ones by smart tablets.

In this guide, we are delving into more detail on how Smart Jail Mail works and precisely what it is.

What is SmartJailMail app?

What is SmartJailMail and how it works

SmartJailMail is one of the most innovative services and systems which is very similar to email, telephonic, and video communication.

The major difference here is that this system is designed for the inmates who are currently detained in correctional facilities.

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Facilities that have this Smart communication placed allow the friends and family of those inmates to communicate with them easily.

Instead of using phones, computer, or tablet as everyone use, these correction facilities allows these prisoners special devices SmartTablet which is used specially for communication using this system.

Smart Communications offers No cost installation, MailGuard, Calling on Tablets, Electronic messaging, photo delivery, Video visitation, Medical forms, Education, Entertainment, Law library, and commissary hosting.

These features are built into the tablet and can be used easily.

For the family and friends of these inmates, they do provide a web application where you have to just register and start communicating.

How SmartJailMail work exactly?

Consider SmartJailMail a communication plateform that allows you to connect with your family or friends who are currently in correction facilities or in detention centers.

As you know, you can’t just talk to them with your mobile phone directly, in order to communicate, you have to follow some strict rules and guidelines, which is not possible with normal communication modes.

That’s where this Smart Communication service comes in.

Using these services you can make Online telephone calls, Video Visitation, emails, and send money.

In order to make this system work, SmartKiosks should be installed in correction facilities and the inmates should have SmartTablets which can be used to communicate with their friends and family.

How Can I use SmartJailMail app?

In order to use the SmartJailMail.Com web application, first you need to head over to its website and there hit the sign-up button.

Follow the registration process and complete the registration.

After registration and login into your account, you will be able to use services such as SmartEvo Telephone service, Electronic Messaging, trust account deposits, SmartVisit Video visitation, Electronic photo delivery, and MailGuard postal mail processing.

Does Smart Jail Mail have an iOS or Android app?

For now, there is no official SmartJailMail app available for Android and iOS app stores.

Instead, there is a web application or you can say an official website which you can use to start communicating with your web browser online.

If you prefer a mobile application you can try out other alternatives such as – Jpay, CorrLinks, Securus mobile, etc which provide almost identical features.

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What features SmartJailMail have

There are many features which are offered by the Smart Communication website and tablet and here are some of them –

  • Telephone Service: Connect in a similar way as an audio call.
  • Electronic Messaging: Once you sign up for the account on the official website – smartjailmail.com, you can also send it to inmates who are on your contact list.
  • Video Visitation: Probably the most useful feature offered by smart communication. Similar to video chat, you can schedule real-time video visitation of 15 to 30 minutes.
  • $Trust: Just like the Jpay app; this one can be also used to transfer funds to users who are in correction institutes. Just choose the trust deposit option and enter the amount to make the payment online.

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