Why Google Pay and PhonePe UPI Not working Today?

Both Google Pay and PhonePe are among the top mobile applications for UPI transactions.

Each of them offers a simple-to-use interface that you can use not only for Pay but also to receive money online instantly on your UPI-linked bank account.

Thanks to UPI, it becomes so much easier to initiate transactions online anytime, anywhere in India, and with it, money is transferred instantly to the receiver without any hassle.

But UPI, just like any other payment has its downside.

Sometimes users who use UPI apps to transfer or Receive money online do notice an outage.

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And what’s worse, when one app doesn’t work, another one behaves almost in the same manner.

If you wondering, why this happens, and why Google Pay and PhonePe are not working Today, you are on the right page.

Why Google Pay and PhonePe is not working today?

Both Google Pay and PhonePe are digital wallet apps that are primarily used for UPI payments.

Whenever you initiate any transaction from UPI apps, three entities are involved: first, your bank; second, the UPI app itself; and third, the bank of the receiver.

Issues with any one of them might result in a failed transaction or problems such as money being deducted from your account but not credited to the receiver’s bank account.

This is also true for UPI apps. When there is an ongoing issue with PhonePe or Google Pay, you will see an error message informing you why you are unable to use the app.

Other than these banking server issues, Sometimes users do face other problems like – QR code scanning not working, Not being able to login in your PhonPe or GPay, Not getting OTP for verification, Bank account linking failure, etc.

So now we know that the UPI not working issue generally occurs when there is something wrong with your or another person’s bank account. Sometimes, the UPI app (i.e., PhonePe, Google Pay, Bhim) might be responsible.

Let’s delve into each of these cases in more detail –

Reasons 1: When the problem with the UPI app Itself

If there is a glitch or bug in the UPI app, it will affect its users.

If you are using a mobile application that is trusted by a large number of users and good rating on the app store, most of the time you won’t face any major problems.

Any transaction-related error (if the UPI app is responsible) can be easily sorted by contacting their customer support.

They also provide support for non-transactional errors as well.

Reason 2: When issue with your Bank account

When there is an issue with your bank’s server, the mobile app usually displays an error message indicating the same.

When you see these kinds of warnings, it’s better to avoid any transaction for the time being.

But Sometimes there is no error message and your UPI payment will fail.

Banking server-related glitches can last a few hours, so it’s better to use another bank account in the meantime or an alternative payment method.

Trying to make payment while there is a server issue going on with your bank

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Reason 3: When is the problem with another person’s bank account

Using the UPI payment method you can transfer money with another person’s account just using his phone number or his UPI ID.

But sometimes due to some issue, their bank is unable to process the payment and as a result, the amount will be deducted from your bank account but the receiver will not get any money.

This does happen, sometimes especially when banking servers do go through some maintenance or are simply down for some reason.

However, as a sender, you don’t have to worry even if money is deducted from your account.

When money is deducted in a failed transaction, banks do send it bank to the sender within 7 working days.

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