Best Starlink Tracker App: Live NASA Tracking above your Location

Here in this post, We are going to talk about Best Starlink Tracker App for Free Live NASA Satellite Tracking online. If you want a Free Mobile Application that informs you about the Satellites above your location tonight, so you can check it with a telescope then you are on the right page.

Best Starlink Tracker App - NASA tracking on my Location

You may hear about the Starlink Satellites, The series of 60 Satellites which is there in Orbit, However around the globe in the sky to provide you Internet.

They are Satellites that launched with the Aim to provide internet facility to every part of the world.

Even, they have a long way to go more than 60 Satellites already launched this year and more will be very soon.

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Its already started serving the internet to moreover to 10,000 customers in the US, Canada, and the UK where it is available.

If you want to Track those Satellites, you can do that By few Satellite tracker Apps available for your mobile on App stores.

Here are the Best Starlink Tracker Apps-

Satellite Tracker By Star Walk

This Satellite Tracker app allows you to Track any available Satellites in the sky anytime, anywhere.

It is Created by Vito Technology, the same company which launched the Star Walk; An App that allows you the real-time tracking of thousands of Celestial bodies on your phone.

It will not only informs you about the Satellite location, Pass Prediction based on your own location but you can choose between different location.

It also has flown with a Satellite view feature, using which you can access the live view of earth from that particular Satellite.

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Night Sky App

Night Sky App is not only useful to identify Various Satellites but it is a must-have App for Astronomy enthusiasts.

This Mobile Application provides you features that allow you to Quickly identify the Stars, Planets Constellations, and Men-made objects that are floating in space.

Sadly this Application is available for iOS users only.

You can Download it on your iOS iPhone, iPad, and MAC.

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ISS Detector App

Here ISS Stands for International Space Station and this App does the job of detecting it.

Despite its name, this ISS Detector App is not only useful in Detecting International Space station but also for Radio Amateur Satellites, Comets, Planets, Starlink, and other Famous objects like Hubble space telescope, rocket bodies, and more.

However, apart from ISS to see other Satellites you have to purchase other extensions via In-App purchase.

ISS Detector App is available for Both Android and iOS phones.

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Starlink Satellite Tracker for Android is App just like its name suggests designed to Track Starlink Satellite.

It allows you to Track not only Starlink but also more than 10,000 Satellites.

If you know the Name of Satellites you can search there using the search bar, You can also search those based on the categories and Countries.

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Orbitrack App

Orbitrack App is an Augmented-Reality Satellite tracker, Spaceflight Simulator App which will guide you to about 4000 spacecraft that are floating all around the earth.

It has lots of features and customization that you use and Customizes as per your need.

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What Exactly NASA Satellites tracker do?

Satellites Trackers are Mobile or Web Application that is designed to keep track of Spacecrafts which are launched by NASA and other SPACE agency into the orbit.

Those Satellite Tracker App are useful, for someone who wants to check when a Satellite will pass over their location.

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There are lots of NASA satellite tracker apps Available on the Google Play Store or iOS App store amongst which you can choose the one which fits your needs.

So if you want to know when the Starlink or International Space Station will pass over your location you can use those NASA Satellites tracker Apps.

What is Starlink Satellite?

Starlink is an Internet Venture Promised by SpaceX & Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Basically, in Simple words, Our Beloved Elon musk is launching Satellites into orbit, and using those Satellites, we will get high-speed broadband internet.

Starlink is the name of the Division or the project under which the company SpaceX will working to provide an internet connection to everyone.

In the past few years, Elon Musk’s SpaceX already launched more than 1,000 Satellites into orbit.

This Year, for this project alone more than 60 Satellites are launched from Kennedy Space center By SpaceX.

The orbiting Satellites are there to provide you Broadband Internet connection.

The Starlink Mission could be really helpful, especially in those areas where Internet connectivity is the real challenge.

Using the Satellites, There are no requirements for traditional infrastructure which you need for Fiber Optics cable and such.

The Broadband under this project, At the time of writing this post, is available only in the Northwest US, Few parts of Canada, and the UK.

However, they are planning to increase the Satellites, To cover large numbers of locations around the globe it needs at least 10,000 Satellites.

Final Words

So that’s the list of Best Starlink Tracker App for your Android/iOS Smart Mobile Phone.

If you have any other questions in your mind then you can ask them in the comment section down below.

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