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Here in this post, we are Going to talk about the ISRO map App Download for Android which is also known as the ISRO Bhuvan Indian Live Mobile Application. This is Web-based but simple and the Beta version of the Web-based 3D satellite imagery tool. This offers more of the satellite images/maps as Compare to the other virtual Globe software. If you want to know more about the ISRO launch today, ISRO satellite launch,navic ISRO app, ISRO Chandrayaan 2, ISRO’s earth imaging satellite, editor map, ISRO Bhuvan then you are on the Right Place. Here I am not only going to show you that How to Download ISRO Map App for Android but also its review and How to use the Editor Map on your mobile phone.

So without Wasting any time let’s get Started

What is ISRO Bhuvan App?

The ISRO Bhuvan Indian Live is an unofficial Mobile Application of the Official Government portal The official Government portal Allows us to Get and Gather the information about the Live 3D images, 3D virtual Globe, Climate & Environment, Thematic service, Disaster Management support services and even allow you to Create a MAP/GIS online.


However, works efficiently in the Web browsers only and it will not Works as efficient in the mobile phone browsers. For that, you can use the ISRO Bhuvan Indian Live Application for your Android mobile phone.

Here are the Features that you are going to like in this mobile Application –

  • Provide the beta version of the Web-Based 3D satellite imagery tool.
  • It Offers more and Detailed imagery of the Indian Location compared to the Other Application/website which offers you a similar Functionality.
  • This Application is designed to run on the Low-end devices to and on the very poor internet connection without any kind of interruption.
  • The Only Base/Map images this do no included in the Military installation because of security reasons. All other images can be seen here using this Application in the detail.

Download ISRO Map App

If you wish to Download ISRO Map App for your Android mobile phone then you have to follow the steps below that I am Going to show below.

Download App

Follow the steps below –

  1. First, you have to Click on the Download Button above. It will redirect you to the Google Play store, from there you can install the Application.
  2. After the Successful installation you will be able to Locate & Track, Layers just by entering the City or the place name.
  3. You can expand the location by tapping on the Plus (+) icon.
  4. This is a web-based application that uses WebView. The Application is based on the Beta version of the ISRO’s website.

The Review

As I mentioned above you this Application is based on the official site It uses the same map as the ISRO’s official site and offers you the maximum details on your mobile phone.

What are you think about this mobile Application? You can Share your Review/Opinion/Feedback in the Comment section.

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