How to Fix Dollar General App not working Issues

Here in this post, we are going to talk about Dollar General App not working. Is this application having issues in your Android/iOS phone as well? Whether it is a server, connection, login, scanner, or other issues, you can fix the problem by following this troubleshooting guide.

Highlights of Dollar General Errors

Dollar General App not working

Dollar General is one of the best apps that you can have if you love shopping. Since It does not only provide you easy check-out facility but offers you the best coupon code to save money on the purchase.

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This mobile app has unique features such as Digital Coupons, Cart Calculator, DG Pickup, a Shopping list, and DG Go to make your shopping spree more enjoyable.

What’s more? Every shopping you made using this application helps you save money.

But that is when if the app do work flawlessly, lately some users have reported few issues with the app which made it almost non-functional for them.

Here are few of these errors, bugs and glitches which users have encountered recently –

  • Customers have reported that Dollar general scanner is not working for them. using Scanner is important in order to scan producs.
  • Few of the customers are having trouble login in their account. Password reset also isn’t seems to work for them.

How to Fix Dollar general App not working?

You can Apply the fix depending on the error you are getting.

there are no visible bugs or glitches in the Dollar General app at least for the majority of users.

Ocassinaly users may face some server-related errors but they are temporary in nature.

The Dollar General scanner not working

The Scanner works perfectly most of the time while scanning items.

The only time when it would not work is when you didn’t provide sufficient camera permission or there is something wrong with your phone camera.

The Dollar General app would ask you for camera permission after installation or while using the scanner for the first time.

If by some chance the permission is not granted the scanner would not work.

To manually provide camera access, you can follow the following steps-

  1. First Tap and Hold Dollar general app icon.
  2. Tap on App info and then Permissions.
  3. Click on Camera under Denied permission.
  4. Now you can allow permission to use the camera.

If the scanner isn’t working after following all these steps you can write to customer support via

The app won’t let me sign in

Here are some common causes behind the Login issues and how you can fix them.

Wrong Password

You might be entering the wrong password or username. Confirm both your password and username and try again.

If you do not remember it you can simply reset your account by forgetting the password link.

Account Banned

If you are sure you are entering the right login credentials, your account might be deleted.

Check with customer support for more information.

Server error

If you don’t even see the login page or the app not log in properly it might be some kind of server error.

You can try after some time to see if the problem is fixed on its own.

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Account Limitations

One Person is allowed only to create one account.

So if you tried to create another account or you already logged in to this app from another account and now log in with different login details, it would not work for you.


How to unclip a coupon on the dollar general app?

To use the Dollar General coupons you don’t need to clip or print the coupon. At the time of checkout, If you are logged in to your account simply type the phone number in the pin pad. The digital receipt of your purchase will be sent to you via mail or text.

Why won’t my dollar general app work?

If the app not working on your phone, it can be anything ranging from server-side problems to network connectivity. Simply follow the troubleshooting guide to fix the Dollar General app not working error.

What is wrong with the dollar general app today?

You can check on the official Twitter account to confirm that other users are having the same issue as yours. In case you are facing the error continues you can contact customer support to shade more light on the problem.

How do I recover my dollar general account?

The user who forgets his password can reset their account password by clicking on Forgot password link on the sign-in page. It’ll ask you your registered email address. Enter your mail id there, follow the link you received and you’ll reset your account.

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    • If you are looking to reset your password, you can easily do so by visiting Dollar General’s login page and clicking on the “Forgot Password” link located just below the “Password” field.

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