Gender Swap App : How to use FaceApp to Swap Genders

Do you ever wonder what How will you look if you are Born as the Apposite sex as you are now? The latest trend on Social media sites is suggesting the same. Most of Social media users are wondering about the Same Question. However here in this article, I am not to go deep on this subject on the Philosophical level and wonder what your life would be in that Scenario but Merely instruct you How to use the App name FaceApp to Swap your Gender.

Gender Swap App

No, No it will not Swap your Gender in real life but it uses the Ai to Assume How would a male like if he was female or Vise-versa.

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FaceApp Review

FaceApp is a photo editor App, However, the features and the functionality that this App offers differ it from the other Generalized phot editor Application available for the Smartphone.

Whether you are using iOS or Android, This Application is available for both of the platforms and works almost the same. This App offers a wide range of features including –

  • The Impression filters that this App offers is amazing. Using the Ai it will make your Face Looks old, Young.
  • Change the Hair Color, Hair Style of yours, and predict how well you look life with the beard or with makeup.
  • If you are a person who doesn’t know how to Smile for Camere, Well, Now you not need to learn to do that. You can simply use this App to Apply smile on your Face.
  • Easily replace the background with anything that you want. Now there is no need to cut and Crop which takes lots of time. It can be done is a single click only.
  • You can Swap your Gender and See how would you like.

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How to Use Gender Swap App, FaceApp to Swap Gender?

So if you want to know that How to use this Gender Swap App to do so You have to follow the instruction that i am Going to mention in this post –

    1. First, you Have to Download the App. If you are using Android you can download it from the Play store. If you are using Apple you can download it from the App store.
    2. Open the App and Choose the photo where you Want to Apply the Effect. You can also Capture the selfie right Away and Apply the Effect on it.
    3. Once you choose the right photo you Can Apply the Gender Swap App Effect.

So that’s How you can use FaceApp The Gender Swap App in your Smartphone. If you have any questions in your mind then you can ask in the Comment section.

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