Fix: Google Pay linked bank account not showing, Loading or Missing

To use any UPI Based mobile application user have to link their bank account to initiate any kind of UPI-based transaction. Once you add your bank account, it should be there forever until you want to remove it. But there is an ongoing issue where the Google Pay linked bank account not showing, not loading, or straight up gone missing overnight.

Usually, it may sound, but more often than not it happens for some reason, and treating these underlying causes helps you fix the Gpay Bank account not loading issue as well.

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Key Highlights

  • Why It’s not showing: An inactive bank account, account not linked to Aadhar & PAN, Phone number mismatch, Temporary glitch on Google Pay, or restriction from your bank are primary reasons why your bank account is not showing in GPay.
  • The Solution: To Fix users have to follow a series of troubleshooting steps. The process to resolve this error includes Refreshing the app, updating the app, login again with your phone number, checking your bank account status, checking your KYC verification status, and contacting customer support.

Why Can’t you see your linked bank account in Google Pay

There isn’t only one reason that is responsible for Bank accounts not loading for all the users there are several different factors that contribute to this problem.

Let’s discuss each one of these in detail –

Temporary Technical glitch

Technical glitches do happen with all the apps, and Gpay is also no exception to that list.

Although these glitches are not permanent and go away on their own, how long they’ll last is the real question tho.

The technical could be in either Google Pay or with your Bank’s servers.

Phone Number Mismatch

To retrieve your bank account details, you have to verify the mobile number that is linked with that account.

But if you have provided a different number, or changed your phone number in your bank, the bank account in Gpay will not load or it’ll be removed.

Inactive or Disabled Bank account

Banks do disable bank accounts for various reasons, the most common among them is; not maintaining the required balance.

When banks disable bank accounts or they become inactive, UPI will also not work with that account.

Restrictions placed by bank

Sometimes banks do place some restrictions on some of their customers.

When these restrictions are in place, you might able to use other banking services like depositing or withdrawing money but not able to use UPI.

How to Fix Google Pay Linked Bank account now Showing

How to fix Google Pay linked bank account not showing

Once the reasons are identified, the process of solving the Bank account not showing error in Google Pay becomes much easier, here are the steps –

Refresh and Relogin in GPay

Sometimes simple refresh will fix the issue.

But sometimes you might need to login into your Gpay account.

First try to refresh the app, if that doesn’t work; log in to your account and add the bank account again.

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Verify your phone Number

Most of us do have two phone numbers on our mobile phones and as a result, one is often mistaken for another.

If you have logged in by using another phone number that is not linked with the bank, the bank account will simply not load and you will get errors such as “no account Found” error.

This also happens when you change your mobile number in the bank recently.

Check the number that you are using to log in is the same one to fix this error.

Verify the bank account KYC status

KYC using an Aadhaar and PAN card is a mandatory process that everyone must follow to keep their bank account active.

Nowadays, it is done when opening a bank account, but if you are using an older account it might be not done by the bank.

Without KYC, there is some restrictions are placed on customers, and unable to use UPI is one of them.

Check Bank account Status

Ensure your bank account is active and there is no restriction placed on it by the way.

The best way to do this is by visiting your home branch. You can also customer support for more information, especially when you are not able to use UPI in any of the mobile applications.

Contact Bank or Gpay Support

If all of the solutions provided here in this guide prove ineffective, the next step is to reach out to customer support for assistance.

Depending on who is responsible for this problem, you have to contact the respective customer support service for further assistance.

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When you are unable to load your bank account on Google Pay or it suddenly goes missing from Gpay. When it happens, it doesn’t always indicate a serious issue, but most likely a glitch in either app or banking servers.

Of course, there are some other reasons as well that can contribute to the “Google Pay linked bank account not showing” issue.

Nonetheless, by following this troubleshooting guide you can easily understand and fix the underlying reasons behind the error so you can implement the solution accordingly.

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