Indian Bank UPI not working: PhonePe, Google Pay, Is Down & Support

Is Indian Bank UPI not working for you and you are unable to transfer, or receive money? In this guide, I am going to show you how to fix various Indian Bank UPI issues like Incorrect UPI Pin, server down, Fix Google Pay & PhonePe UPI, and more in just a few simple steps.

How to fix Indian Bank UPI not working

Indian Bank UPI not working

If Indian Bank UPI is not working here is the troubleshooting guide that you can follow:

Check for the server issues

Most of the time when you can’t initiate a UPI transaction or the UPI transaction failed it’s an issue with the Bank server.

If there is an outage going on. You have to wait until the issue is fixed. You can check back after a few hours.

Don’t worry if money is deducted from your bank account but the transaction is failed, it would return to you in its time.

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Confirm your UPI Pin is Correct

Another common problem is the incorrect UPI pin.

However, it’s not a very big issue since you can reset or change your UPI pin anytime you want.

Just choose to Manage under your UPI ID and click on reset.

You may be asked for your linked card number credentials.

Follow the process and you can easily reset the UPI pin.

Try Switching to another UPI App

Perhaps the issue is with the UPI app that you are using to initiate the UPI transactions.

In that matter, you can try switching to another app.

Luckily, there is tons and tons of application that allows you to do UPI transaction, choose anyone and you can do the job done

Check for Bank account issues or restrictions

Sometimes, even if it is very rare the problem could be with your bank account.

Especially if you are using a Zero balance account or the account that comes with specific limits.

Usually, the bank will inform you prior if that sort of thing happens.

Check your SMS inbox and confirm if you received any message from the Indian bank in that regard.

You can contact Indian Bank Customer Support for more information.

What If nothing works

Create another UPI ID, use another UPI App, or use the UPI of another bank.

Creating a UPI ID and not a big hassle, you can create a UPI ID anytime.

Is the Indian bank server down today?

Server outage is the main reason UPI and bank transfers would not work in real time.

This is common among most government banks.

If the server is down you can’t access your internet banking account.

Unfortunately, UPI also depends on the bank to complete the transaction.

if your bank is currently having a server outage it would simply not work.

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The best-case scenario would be your UPI App like PhonePe and GooglePe inform you that they are experiencing server issues with your bank.

If there is a server issue, outage, or maintenance going on they would simply not allow you to use the UPI of that particular bank.

Even if money is deducted and the transaction has been not completed money would be returned to your bank account.

So my suggestion would be in due time you can use any other bank UPI in due time or wait for a few hours.

Indian Bank UPI Customer care number?

It doesn’t matter whether you are having issues related to your Indian Bank Credit Card/Debit Card/Bank account or UPI.

If you have any inquiries, clarifications, or complaints you can contact the Indian Bank customer support helpline number.

  • Indian Bank customer care number: 1800-425-0000.

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What to do if UPI is not working?

Wait, In the majority of cases, it’s a temporary server error.

Does the Indian bank support UPI?

Every nationalized bank support UPI. You can confirm it from the list of all UPI-supported banks.

Does the Indian overseas Bank work with UPI?

Yes, the Indian Overseas Bank support UPI. You can create a UPI for this bank same as any other bank.

How to fix Indian Bank Google Pay UPI not working?

See what is the error code you are getting. Follow the troubleshooting guide in this post, and contact Google Pay support if nothing works.

Why is Indian Bank Phonepe not working?

Follow this troubleshooting guide, and contact PhonePe support if nothing works.

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