Kishori Shakti Yojana: What it is, Objectives, key points & More

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Here we are Going to talk about What is Kishori shakti yojana what are its benefits, Keypoint, and objectives.

What is kishori shakti yojana?

kishori shakti yojana

Kishori shakti yojana is the which was Actually launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development of India. Currently, this Government scheme is implemented by the Odisha State government with the Aim to help the girls aged between 11 to 18 years through various government programs.

This is to empower the adolescent girls and not only help them financially but inspire them to be self-reliant.

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This is not one scheme but Part of a much larger project Integrated Child development Services will the objective of help girls of that particular age group.

It helps it studies, vocation, Health care and provides them the exposure to the society so they will be able to Gain knowledge to make them more self-reliant.

Objectives & Keypoints

This Scheme is a redesign of the previously Adolescent Girls in the short AG Scheme. This Scheme now covers more content.

Here is the Major key points and the objectives of this scheme:

  1. The AG scheme was implemented by Anganwadi centers all across India. Especially in rural & Urban parts.
  2. It helps to improve the nutrition and health by providing the Beneficiaries nutritional and healthy food.
  3. The scheme will provide training to selected girls to work on Anganwari centers.
  4. The beneficiary will be able to gain a better understanding of Health, hygiene, Family, and social welfare.
  5. It will encourage and motivate girls to take part in useful and productive activities of their society.
  6. It helps girls and makes them self reliant by improving their health, education, safety.

Who can be the beneficiary of Kishori Shakti Yojana?

This is basically a combination of two government schemes first is Girl to Girl Approach and the second one is Balika Mandal.

Under Scheme 1, The Girl to Girl Approach the Adolescent girls age 11 to 15 whose family income is below 6400 Rupees per annum is eligible to take part in it.

The Balika Mandal scheme is for all of the adolescent girls age 11 to 18 and regardless of the income of the family.

However, the Young girls ho’s family income is below 6400 Rupees per annum get the preference in the process.

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What is Girl to Girl Approach?

So as mentioned the Kishori Shakti scheme has 2 Schemes in it with the same purpose.

But by the terms of eligibility, it is divided into two parts. The first one is The Girl to Girl Approach which is for girls who belong to the age group of 11 to 15 years.

The girls here from the selected Anganwari nearest them will be provided 500 calories of energy and 20 grams of protein food.

2 Girls selected will be offered to receive service training on Anganwari center from the workers.

What is balika mandal scheme?

While some as the previous Scheme Girls to Girls approach it also covers the Girls who belong to the age group of 15 to 18 years.

This scheme has more focus on mental and social development and improvement of skills.

So what’s your thought on this Scheme. You can share your opinions, feedback, or Question if you have any in the comment section down below.

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