UFCU App Not Working? Mobile Deposit, Debit Card & Banking Register

Is UFCU App is Not working on your phone? Are you looking for a way to mobile deposit your Check and want to find out why Your debit card and Mobile banking registration are not working on your phone?

This Post Answer all of those questions.

Why is My UFCU App Not Working?

UFCU App Not Working

UFCU Mobile Banking App, which stands for University Federal Credit Union App is available on the Play Store and iOS Based iPhone and iPad.

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If you are a member, this App is designed for you, here is the list of the Online Banking features that this app provides to its customers-

  • Transfer, Receive & move funds from and to other financial institutions or banks.
  • Login in your account to Pay Bills, Views your account balance, perform mobile deposits by checks, and more.
  • Direct Access to UFCU Money Manager from your mobile phone.

However, Mobile Banking Registrations, and Online Deposits features are available in this application but most of the time it will not work for you.

So if you are having issues and have questions like Why is My UFCU App not working then you are in the right place.

Fix App not Working Error

Most of the UFCU App Not Working errors like Page not Loading, Balance not Showing, Options not Working, and Taking too much time is specifically related to the mobile application.

That is the major reason this app receives very poor ratings on Both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Unless the Developer decides to fix all of the bugs and launch the superior version there is nothing you can do to fix this.

However, you can Try net banking and use the official website instead.

UFCU Mobile Banking Registration

Even if you have your Internet Baking Username and password, You will be asked for Mobile banking registration.

The new mobile application users need to enroll before they are able to login in this application.

So here is the process for UFCU mobile Banking registration-

  1. First, you have to Download UFCU App, If it’s not already installed on your mobile phone.
  2. Open it, On the Login page, Instead of entering the password, Click on ENROLL Button.
  3. Follow the instructions carefully.
  4. Set your Username & Password.
  5. Once mobile banking registration is complete, close the application.

Open the App again and log in there using your Login ID and Password.

Hit the Login button and you are ready to Go.

UFCU Mobile Deposit Not Working

You can’t Deposit the hard cash using your mobile phone, which is technically impossible.

But using your mobile phone, You can deposit money to your bank account using the check that is issued to you.

Inside the app, choose the mobile deposit option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Using Your Phone’s Camera you can Scan the check and make a deposit to your account.

There may be a case when the Mobile Deposit will not work, in that case-

  • Make sure that the text on the paper is clearly visible.
  • Arrange proper lightning.
  • Make Sure that checks are endorsed on the backside by adding “For Mobile Deposit” right below your signature.

UFCU Debit Card Not Working, Activation, Deactivation & Dispute

Debit and Credit cards have one of the most necessary and valued things that we carried in our purses.

UFCU Debit Card is also offered to you which will be dispatched to you as soon as you opened the Bank account with them.

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Debit Card Not Working?

If your Debit card is not working it may be because of the following reasons-

  • Your Card may be Blocked by Bank.
  • You may be entering the wrong ATM Pin.
  • Check the Expiry date on the card, After the expiration, your Debit card is stopped working.
  • There might be a physical defect with your card.

In case you are continuously having problems without any success you can contact customer care.

Debit Card Activation & Deactivation

If you received your Debit Card for the first time, You can Activate it by visiting ATM Machine and using it for the first time.

There you can change your Default ATM pin to make it more secure.

Deactivation In case of potential fraud, stolen card or you simply lost it you can call – (866) 928-5450.

Remember that line is specifically for Card Deactivation and reporting lost cases.

Dispute and Customer Support

If you are facing any kind of issues with your UFCU Account you can call customer support during business hours.

Call using your registered mobile number for faster resolution.

  • Customer Care Number – (512) 467-8080 or (800) 252-8311.
  • Debit Card Fraud/Deactivation – (866) 928-5450.

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