How to right click on Chromebook { + Video Guide Added}

Rahul Bodana
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Every Operating System has differ features as compare to other operating system no doubt that Chromebook have its own different feature. if you are Switching to a Chromebook from a Desktop PC you might wondering how much it differ from an Normal Windows PC. Chromebook is not have usual left and right click buttons but as truth to be told to perform certain functions we need right click.

How to right click on Chromebook

This post is all about this, In this Post i am going to show you How to right click on Chromebook.

Right click on Chromebook is pretty easy and very straighforward but all of us know how to to Right click here.

So let’s me Show you how anyone can Right click on Chrome.

Button-less Track-pad is the Answer here it is actually much Complicated then it simply looks. It works just like the actually computer mouse.

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To Right click you simply need to tap using Two fingers instead of just one. Its little bit weard for the Mouse users and Regular track pad users of Windows users in the start, But once you have habit of it then you can do it very easily.

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