Kavalan App by Tamil Nadu Police – Details, How to use, Download

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KAVALAN APP is created by the Tamil Nadu police to ensure the safety of the Citizens. This App primarily focuses on the Safety of the Woman’s and Children but anyone who is not feeling safe can Download this Application on Android or iOS phones.

What is Kavalan App

SOS Applications are the Application that Allows users to Send Emergency alerts to Their Closes friends of Police in case of emergencies. For Example, after the Unnao Case, people now start using the SOS Applications. There is no Shortage of This kind of Apps as may already Knows about the 112 India App which Was launched Long ago by the Government of India but Comes to light just now after the incident.

Kavalan App by Tamil Nadu Police


Their Suraksha App launched by the Bengaluru Police, Hawkeye App by Hyderabad Police and the Woman Safety App that Perform the same function and Available to Download on the Google Play store.

However Here in this Article, we Are Going to discuss the Kavalan app; Also known as the Kavalan – SOS. This Application is available for both Android and iOS and Available to Download on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

This Application is created for All of the Citizens of the Tamil Nadu however it Primary focuses on the Women and Children. This App sends an SOS signal to the Police when the User feels Vulnerable or Threatened.

Once the user sends the Emergency signal, based on the user’s Location the Police will eminently come to Rescue. Not only in the case of Emergency under the normal Climate Condition but this Also helpful During the natural disasters.

If you do not Want to your Name Come out after register Complain? no Problem you can file a Complain Anonymous. Tamil Nadu Police also take Anonymous to complain seriously and they will surely look at it.

Download the Kavalan app for iOS & Android

You can download the App for Both Android and iOS operating Smartphones. Depend on Which mobile phone you are using you can Head over to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to Download Kavalan App.

To ease out the Installation here is the Download link for Both Apple iOS Store and Google Play store.

Links to Download App

How to Use the Kavalan App

If you are Wondering about How Does the Kavalan App works or How to use Kavalan SOS App then let me assure you that this is very simple to use, Straightforward but at the Same time Perform the Function that it’s designed to do.

This Application is specifically designed for the Citizens of the Tamil Nadu. So not only it is Designed for Ensure the Woman’s safety but at the same time, anyone who feels Threatened or Needs immediate Help can use This App.

Once you install Application in your Mobile phone then you have to Register on it Using your Mobile number. You have to also provide all of the Required information like Email Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Address and Which City you are Currently living.

In Short, after Creating your account on this App Your profile will be stored on the Tamil Nadu police Database. So in case of any emergency, they can Locate you or Contact your family easily.

For that you also need to provide the Contact information of Two Individuals, it maybe your Family members, Relatives or Your Close friends. It is mandatory to update their mobile number and their relationship with you, So police can Act accordingly.

There is also the Option of Adding the Third-person, This Third person will be Contact primary on the case of Emergencies.

When you feel Unsafe you just Press the SOS button on the Homepage. This Button will start the 5 Second Countdown. After Completing the Countdown this App will Automatically send your Location Data.

This data will be sent along with the Video captured from your Front and Back camera to Kavalan Team.

This Data along with the Tamil Nadu Police will be sent to the Third Person that you listed in the App.

That’s All for now. Let’s know if you have any Questions regarding this App.

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