Mahila Samakhya Yojana: What it is, Download PDF & FAQ

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Mahila Samakhya Yojana is the social welfare scheme for women empowerment. It was launched by the Government of India to help women’s who comes from Socially, Economically backward part of society.

What is Mahila Samakhya Yojana?

Mahila Samakhya Yojana

The Mahila Samakya Yojana was Actually launched in the year 1988 and the main purpose of this Social welfare scheme was to empower women in the Education system.

The sanghas which are collectives on every village provide for women who are marginalized economically and socially.

This programme help women to access education and development. The Sanghas are managed by Sahayogini who manage 10 villages.

While Sanghas are village level collectives, Sahayogini’s are one level above them who look for 10 villages.

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Main Purpose, Fucus & Benefits of Programme

The main purpose of the Mahila Samakhya Programme is to provide educate women’s about Women’s right, Women’s health, Access to Government schemes, Women’s role in Gram-sabhas & other local structures.

Here are the few other Major key points about this scheme:

  • Sanghas, The block-level collectives provide and help to enhance self-esteem, self-confidence to women of the same village.
  • Collectives help women to think critically, providing information about laws, health, and education.
  • It is to ensure equal participation in society especially to those candidates who are socially and economically backwards.
  • This Scheme was started to pursue the National policy on Eduction of the year 1986.
  • This programme helps to endure the Contribution of women in Politics, Society and Economy.
  • Help in building a positive image of women and help in recognizing the contribution to society.

Who is eligible to Apply?

The candidates have selected on the village level any women are eligible to take part in it.

However, the candidates who belong to SC, ST, OBC and minority are given preferences in the selection process.

Here ist Social profile of the sangha members according to castes:


So here according to the rules, nearly 55% of members have come from ST and SC.

More information can be found on the Mahila Samakhya PDF.

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Download Mahila Samakhya PDF

This programme is implemented in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Madhya Pradesh and the Chhattisgarh States.

If you want more information Here is the few documents that will be helpful for you if you are studying the Mahila Samakhya UPSC topic:


Mahila Samakhya Yojana kab se lagu hui?

This programme was started in the year 1988 to pursue the objectives of Education policy for the year 1986.

Mahila Samakhya programme which focuses on?

Its focuses on Women empowerments. The main purpose of this Scheme is to Educate, Train and help women regarding social, economic welfare and ensure their participation in them.

How to Download the Mahila Samakhya programme PPT?

You can download the PDF, PPT and other documents of this Scheme here in the Download Mahila Samakhya PDF section.

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Any Questions?

If you have any questions related to Mahila Samakhya Yojana then you can ask them in the comment section down below in this article.

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