Sharekhan App Review: Trade, Invest, Refer, Login ID, Not Working Error

This is Sharekhan App review where I am not only going to show you that how to Download this Mobile Trading App but How to open your Demat+Trading Account, How to Sell & Buy Shares, How to do intraday trading, How to fix not working error, and so on.

Sharekhan App Review

Sharekhan App Review

Developed bySharekhan Limited
Rating3.8 Stars
DownloadsOver 1,000,000+

Sharekhan is Mobile Trading Apps the same as Groww, Zerodha Kite, Upstox, Angel Broking, and Robinhood App.

This online Trading Solution is available to Indian traders and investors who are seeking to trade or Invest in Stocks, F&O, Mutual Funds, Commodity right from their mobile phones.

The All-new Sherkhan App does not only offers you Trading features but using its other Smart Trading tools you can customize your portfolio and monitor your investments in the easiest way possible.

Apart from the investing feature, For the new traders/investors it offers Online training modules that will be helpful to kick start your Stock market learning by Sharekhan classroom.

Here are the few features that you will like in this Mobile Trading App in India 2021-

  • Tools for Traders: The Trading Tools that are offered by this App include the Live enhanced charts with more time frame, Comprehensive view of the market, In-Depth Market stats of stocks, Smart trading ideas based on patterns.
  • Tools for Investors: Investors who are seeking to hold for a long time frame will have access to all available fundamental analysis tools and ratios. They can invest in Mutual funds as well as in stocks. They are able to set standing instruction via SIPs so the investment will work on automation.
  • Educational & Traning Material: This Trading Application offers Online training modules for education and training for those who are new to investments and trading. The trading modules that are offered here are free, You can also register for the courses.
  • Watchlists, Quotes & Price tracking: Watchlists are a necessary price tracking tool that must-have in any stock analysis Application. This mobile App also has Watchlists, Quotes features to help in your investing needs.

Sharekhan App Download

To Download Sharekhan App on your Android/iOS Device, you have to Click below on appropriate Download links.

Once you click the Download link, it will redirect you to the Download page for your device.

For Example, if you are an Apple user, it will redirect you to the iTunes App store, From there you can download for your iOS iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

As for the PC your Can Download TradeTiger Software on your Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 Computer to do the trades.

Tradetiger for PC requires Pentium Dual Core Processor or higher, At least 2GB RAM & Storage to work.

If you are MAC users or not Want to Download any App on your Desktop/Laptop PC then you can also use the web version as well.

Sharekhan App Guide

Here is the Guide that will show you how to use this App for Trading, Set up a trading accounts, How to Sell shares, Buy Shares, How to perform intraday trading and How to fix not working errors.

How to Open Demat+Trading Account?

Before start trading with this App, you have to Open your Sharekhan Demat & Trading Account Online.

The Demat + Trading Account can be open online using an app or the website.

Here is the process that you need to Follow to Open Sharekhan Demat Account-

  1. Register via App or Head over to
  2. Enter your name, email, mobile number, location, Pincode and hit the Open an account button.
  3. Fill out all of the required information.
  4. Upload the scanned copy of the document that it will ask you during the registration process.

Once you finish the process to Oen Demat Trading Account online, You have to wait till your receive a Confirmation.

You will receive the confirmation message via mail at your Registered email address.

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How to Check your Application Status

Once the New investor Applies for the trading Demat account it usually takes some time or even a few days while the application is approved.

The new user will receive the Approval message if their account is approved or the Application is denied.

In any case, they receive updates via mail.

If you didn’t receive it after exceeding the given time frame you can check your application status by contacting Customer Care.

What is Login ID for ShareKhan App?

Your Sharekhan Login ID and password reset link will be sent to you by email once your Demat Trading Account is approved.

Simply check the all emails that you receive from this Online Stockbroker.

You will find your Login ID, Copy that login ID and set your password.

Simple Note down that login Id somewhere, so you won’t forget.

Even better just memorize it.

How to refer a Freind?

This Online Brokerage also offers you earn commission by referring and earn program.

If you refer a Freind who is interested in trading you will earn money.

After you refer someone, You will receive 15% of the Brokerage for 1 year.

The Amount will be credited to your Account 10th of every month.

Using the App you can get your own unique referral link, Share that link using SMS/WhatsApp/Facebook/Twitter or by any other mean and if someone register and start trading you’ll start receiving the commission.

How to Trade or Invest?

Once your Demat account is approved you are ready to trade or Invest online.

First, Of course, you have to add funds from your Bank account using which you will trade online.

Depending on your trading style and preferred device there are multiple ways you can trade online.

How to buy and sell shares

If you are an investor, Who simply want to Buy share to hold for a longer time frame here is how you can Buy share on Sharekhan-

  1. Open the Application, And using the Stock search for the share that you want to Buy.
  2. Choose Buy option, Quantity, Trigger price, and select delivery order.
  3. Place your order and finally click on Confirm button.
  4. If the criteria will match, Your order will be executed.

You can follow the same process to sell shares that are currently in your Portfolio.

However, instead of search, you can sell them directly from DP holdings.

Intraday trading in sharekhan mobile app


Intraday Trading in Sharekhan App is possible but it’s not recommended.

If you are a professional trader, a Web Application or Desktop App will be ideal for you.

If you want to do intraday trading in the mobile app you can do using Buy Big Trade for Buying and Sell Big Trade for selling in intraday trading.

How to fix Sharekhan App, not Working day?

Sharekhan App is a web-based trading application for mobile phones.

To work perfectly it required a content internet connection.

If there is any problem in the client device or in the server it may show you the app not working error, page not loading, other glitches or bugs.

If you are facing this kind of error or not working problem, First check that you are the only one who is having this issue or all of the users facing the same issue.

You can check their Twitter profile for scheduled maintenance or contact customer care using the app or by

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