VA Covid Screening App: Covid-19 Free Test For Employees & Patients

VA Covid screening app for Employees and Patients which is necessary before entering in veterans Administration hospital. So if you are wondering about the VA gov covid-19 screening tool then you are on the right page.

VA Covid Screening app for employees and Patients

VA Covid Screening App

The VA Covid Screening App is a tool that is used to screen patients, Employees, or any other person who is going to visit veterans Administration hospital or clinic.

The Visitor first has to go thru the online health screening which can be initiated right from their smartphone.

It’s not a standalone mobile application that you have to download on your Android or iOS mobile phone, but simply a Web Application that anyone can access using a mobile/web browser.

Here is the complete process that you need to follow for Covid-19 Health screening-

  1. First Visit the Screen
  2. You will be presented with the Six Questions.
  3. Answer the All question honestly.
  4. Once all of the Question is answered you will have to share the result with a staff member at the facility entrance.
  5. Depending on your result you may gain entry or will be direct to a separate area for further screening.

Apart from directly visiting the site, You can access the App online by Texting “SCREEN” To 53079.

You can also access it by Scanning the QR code by your Smartphone Camera.

What Exactly is covid screening?

If you are living in the United States, The thing is you already come across this term before.

The Covid-19 Screening is different then the Covid-19 Testing.

In the testing Doctor, Nurses, or any other medical professional Identify with the series of medical tests that a person is infected with Corona or not.

But in the screening, a person has to answer a series of questions for the identification that he/she is infected or in the exposure of infected person or not.

The Screening is generally performed to Allow entry to a Particular Building, Workplace or School.

The NYC Doe Health Screening App, Home Depot Health Check App, and CPS Health Screener App are Good examples of Corona Virus health Screener tools.

There is also NY Am I Eligible App, Which asks questions in a similar way to identify that you are eligible for vaccination or not.

Is covid screening free in VA?

Yes, you can Covid Screening for Free in VA.

IF you want to get tested for COVID-19 then you have to follow the process down below.

  1. Visit this official website.
  2. There you will be presented with a Question – Do you have symptoms or have you been exposed to someone with COVID-19?
  3. Choose the right answer there.
  4. You will be provided the contact and address information about the Curative Testing Kiosks on the Page.
  5. You can visit any of those health kiosks and get your free health screening.

You can found more information on this topic on the Virginia Department of Health website.

So that’s everything about the VA covid screening App tool.

If you have any other questions on this topic, you can mention it in the comment section down below.

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